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“What Is the Taj Mahal?” by Nilan Aynk

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The Taj Mahal is a fascinating building, which inspires childlike wonder to people all over the world. However, there are many mysteries still surrounding it. There are many knowns and unknowns about the large stone structure in Northern India.

There are a series of questions to be answered, like when and how was it built? Who built it? Why was it built in the first place? What impact did this incredible structure have on culture at the time and modern Indian culture today?

There is so much more to the structure than just bricks of marble and sandstone. Many see it as a monument to the love of the highest order. The incredible beauty of its design inspires so much in modern architecture, and it is almost the first building people think of when they think of Indo-Asian building design.

The history surrounding the Taj Mahal is as remarkable as the structure itself. It has been the subject of admiration from Kings and Queens, near and far throughout the 17th century and onwards. It won many fans from European explorers, many of whom dubbed it the most astounding monument they’d set eyes upon.

We learn about the Emperor Shah Jahan, from his early years as a nobleman’s son, to his later life as a military leader and a champion of Indian and Arabic cultures. His impact on the greater landscape of Indian culture is truly extraordinary, although, he is not responsible for all the innovation and change.

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