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March 14, 2022
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March 21, 2022

“Weight Loss Hypnosis for Men: A Step-by-Step Process Including Meditation in Relation to Weight Loss” by Teddy Konickson

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Imagine you woke up one day and that body you’ve been dreaming about is yours when you look at yourself in your bathroom mirror. You smile as you think back to when you first picked up this book and, although skeptical, told yourself you had nothing more to lose and you’d take your chances on doing what is prescribed. As you glide into your kitchen, full of energy, ready to fuel your body with all the nutrients that are good for your body. You can hardly remember the last time you had a “craving” or felt guilty about failing at yet another diet. Your mind is so much clearer, and your entire world feels like it’s in alignment. Not just in terms of your health, but your work, relationship, and social life too.
If this sounds even remotely close to what you want for yourself, continue reading. Most people go about weight loss completely wrong: falling for fad diets, spending hours at the gym, and being hateful toward themselves and their bodies. But what if there was a better way, one that involved less work and made use of a secret weapon you’ve been taking for granted your entire life: your brain.

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