The Mediterranean Diet For Men Over 50

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August 14, 2021
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August 15, 2021

“The Mediterranean Diet For Men Over 50 Intermittent Fasting, Recipes, A little History, Exercise, And Advice!” by Patrick Thompson

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Men over 50 are a demographic that tends to be forgotten when it comes to health and wellness, but there has been a significant increase in understanding how our nutritional needs change as we age. The Mediterranean Diet is a catch-all term for the diet of nations along the Mediterranean sea It emphasises wholegrains, includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, has room for poultry and lots of oily fish, and allows a moderate intake of red wine if that’s your thing. While this diet is no miracle pill that will help you lose weight, you do stand to gain a lot of health benefits from following it! The Mediterranean Diet is easy to follow and can help to improve your general health and wellbeing. This book covers a general introduction to the diet, including advice regarding intermittent fasting and sample recipes for your personal use. You will will also find some general advice on different types of exercise that you may or may not want to implement in your daily life. Most of what you will find between these pages come from a mix of personal experience following the diet and research into it’s benefits. Before we get into it, there are a couple of general ‘rules’ to follow when preparing your meals. Around half of your plate should consist of non-starchy vegetables, a quarter should be healthy proteins, and the remaining quarter should be wholegrains. The main thing is you get it all in diet!

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