The True Story of the Attempted Murder of Jesus Christ

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October 27, 2021
Michael Ridding
October 30, 2021

“The True Story of the Attempted Murder of Jesus Christ” by Orlando Fioravanti

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Do you want to have a better life? Do you want to live a blessed life? Do you want to have a closer relationship with God? Hasn’t Covid-19 taken so much from so many of us that we all want these things? Now everyone can receive these blessings by reading this book about our Christmas traditions and the true history of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem on the first Christmas. Here you will discover in a radical new light the correct and only interpretation of our Christmas story with baby Jesus, the nativity, the three wise men, the star of Bethlehem and king Herod.

Read how Orlando Fioravanti draws on his over 15 years of spiritual study into the Bible and his personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and outlines for you, from the Bible, the shocking and eye opening truth of the name of the real mastermind behind the plot to murder baby Jesus on the first Christmas. See how knowing this emerald of truth can unlock God’s message for you, change your life for the better, whereby giving you happiness and giving you a closer relationship with god today, tomorrow and perhaps forever.

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