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January 16, 2021
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January 22, 2021

The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring” by Robert A. Valle

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This is the story of two brothers who are caught in an attack on their home by a Demon Lord and his vast army of goblins, winged flyers, and towering brutes. Chaant, the younger brother, is a mage while Ky’el is a skilled warrior.

As the citizens shelter from the onslaught behind the great wall that encircles their home of Almarra, Chaant must venture out on a quest to find and serve a wizard so he can earn a powerful enchantment with which to help his people. Chaant is joined in his travels by the mysterious Anjelica, a young woman with hidden powers that even she doesn’t fully understand.

While Chaant pursues his quest, Ky’el joins an elite group of warriors led by Olan, a veteran warrior and his mentor, with the goal of protecting Almarra from the demon hoard and delaying the inevitable collapse of their wall.

This is Robert A. Valle’s second work of fiction. He enjoys taking listeners on journeys of the imagination to new worlds and places. His first book was The Secret of Tibesti Massif.

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