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May 6, 2020
May 30, 2020

“The Magic Unicorn” by Sarah Doll

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Snuggle with your kids at bedtime with this collection of easy-to-read children’s stories!

Does your child have difficulty falling asleep? Are you looking for a fun, soothing way to bond with your kids? Do you want to calm your child down, improve their vocabulary, and listening skills? If yes, then this little collection of spellbinding stories for kids can help you.

In Bedtime Stories for Kids: The Magic Unicorn, you’re going to discover a menagerie of interesting stories and memorable characters that are sure to catch the interest of your child, stimulate their imagination and take their budding creativity to new heights, allowing you to spend quality time with your kids that they would cherish for life.

Written for toddlers and pre-adolescent children, each unique story has its own special setting and characters and is filled with lessons that will instill and reinforce powerful life lessons in your kids.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: The Magic Unicorn is suitable for both boys and girls and belongs in every family’s audiobook library. Great for cozying up with your kids before turning out the lights, it is also perfect for listening alone and would make a nice holiday gift for your kids to add to their library.

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