The Goorooseers Prophecy

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October 24, 2021
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October 25, 2021

“The Goorooseers Prophecy: What Happens Next After a Major Global Pandemic Like Covid-19?” by Soulay Puliman

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The day this story began was Friday the 10th of May 1985: Exactly 35 years before the 2020 Coronavirus Global Pandemic. Everything said about the Faafaalers and the Goorooseers Prophesy in this audiobook, and their amazing predictions of what is now or was most likely to happen next in Africa and the rest of the world after a major global pandemic is still precisely the same in fiction as we see in reality. The whole story has been narrated, written, and recorded exactly the way it would have happened to Ka during his 11 days of soul-school education to be a Goorooseer and the miracle leaf bearer of the land of the Ancestors.

The location of the story is Pulima – a proud traditional Sissala Faafal village in the Upper West Region of Ghana – West Africa.

The storytellers in this episode are Kasimobiworie, otherwise known popularly as Ka, Grandma Haduon, Teacher Moses, Uncle Mahama, some of the villagers and some of the village ancestors!

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