The Countess and the Baron

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October 14, 2020
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October 21, 2020

“The Countess and the Baron” by Isabella Thorne

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A single kiss on a dark night at a lonely inn changed Prudence’s life forever…and not for the better.

Deemed “the Baggage” by the ladies of Nettlefold, Prudence Baggington held secrets they could never know.

She thought to marry an earl. Instead, she married a monster.

Fearful for her life, she runs, seeking safe haven at a convent.

As a married woman she cannot join the convent, nor can she marry again. How could love ever be in her future? Her only hope is for peace and simple friendship with the Abbess’ nephew, the Baron Halthaven.

But the evil that made her fear for her life is coming for her.

Will Prudence be forced to run again? Or will the Baron Halthaven show her that love really can conquer all?

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