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January 1, 2022
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January 31, 2022

“The Art of Credit Building and Repairing: Credit Building and Repairing is not a rocket science anymore” by BringTheBest

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Everyone desires to get the best out of everything, enjoy the world, and relish all that it has to offer. However, the world is filled with limited resources, and can only give so much. The world has been in existence for over a billion years with its resources. With the activities of humanity, these resources gradually depleted and were progressively reduced. Much more than a quote or norm, man’s needs or wants became unlimited, making it insufficient to curb the limited resources present in the world.

With the growing population of man, the world’s resources depleted even further, making it increasingly difficult for a man to survive. Often, when some needs or wants are met, some others arise. Since then, several methods and techniques like savings, budgeting, and investments have been implemented to improve the standard of living globally and help grow wealth.

This book also offers practical examples capable of changing your life and your finances outlined in this book. This book also seeks to help you understand the scoring systems such as the FICO scoring system and how these concepts are achieved. The book emphasizes FICO because of its wide acceptance. The book also explains the types of credit and the ones best suited to help you in different situations. Indeed, nobody plans to be unable to find himself in a position where he will have bad credit or be unattractive to financial institutions; however, it does happen. The book also proposes solutions to this, as it discussed the concepts of bankruptcy, foreclosure, charge-offs, lawsuits, and wage attachments. It also suggests the best ways of dealing with it, such as debt consolidation, counseling, and many other options. Therefore, this book is suitable for learning about credit management and perfect for mitigating the effects of public records such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, and bouncing back to have healthy credit.

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