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November 13, 2021
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December 3, 2021

“The Android Sisters: Identity Crisis” by Gary Starta

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All androids are not alike. Especially if they’re teenagers…

By the 2070s, most humans have interacted with androids in either a servile or sexual relationship. Dr. Bryan Galloway wants to tip the scales. So, he’s engineered two sisters who not only share a synthetic form of DNA, but a sentience and individualism no android has enjoyed before.

Like human teens, the android sisters develop not only by nature but by nurture. Nyx, the red-eyed robot, finds life to be a journey you experience a step at a time. For Dayna, the violet-orbed android, life is a game to be won through emulation and manipulation. But Nyx’s journey is a whole lot less passive than she imagined, especially when she suffers bouts of what humans call PTSD.

As Nyx becomes convinced her programming is unable to separate past from present and reality from virtual experience, she begins to doubt her creator Bryan Galloway and his sudden disappearance from her life now that she faces school, boys, and the pressure of planning a future in a still dominated human population.

Is Nyx defective or, maybe, is this what it’s really like to grow up as a human female? Perhaps, there is a third alternative she and her sister know nothing about…

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