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August 7, 2021
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August 14, 2021

Spice Me Up: Keto Goes to India” by Susan Zeppieri

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Feel like you need to get in shape? Or do you need an instant meal plan that eliminates sugar and carbohydrates? If so, then following a keto meal plan is the answer. Our book will certainly win favors.

By serving up an informative guide on easy-to-follow recipes, popular ingredients, an introduction to spices, and whipping up healthy curries for a fast-paced lifestyle, Spice Me Up is a must-pick for those caring to venture in the Keto path. A normal Indian-style cuisine is packed full of oil, salty chips and snacks, bread, and rice; coupled with over-the-top sweet desserts that get stored in the body, never really moving out. Additionally, your body takes more time to burn all the calories. However, with a Keto diet, it is enriched with necessary proteins and light veggies. Listen on and find out all the hacks that make up Indian cooking, learn of colorful and zesty spices and herbs, and most importantly find flavorsome recipes that are presented in a simple way for newbies!

The keto party is our favorite kind of party. Think of this book as a canvas, offering a chance to mix around wholesome ingredients to create gentle nourishment and reduce the need for multiple exercise regimes.

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