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December 18, 2021
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January 3, 2022

“Scots Honor” by K.M. Hardy

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Sampson Angus McKay’s life has completely fallen apart: the important Brian Cairne is killed on his watch during a hostage situation, his wife has served him divorce papers, and he has been deported back to Scotland. Now, trying to make the most of his unexpected situation, he meets a mysterious American woman, Liz, who has curiosity, and his cop instincts, completely enthralled.

Liz Harper isn’t looking to make a connection with anyone, but the tall and brooding Sam has turned her plans upside down when he takes it upon himself to protect her as she navigates her new life in Scotland.

Back in the states, Sam’s faithful team uncovers a discrepancy involving Brian Cairne’s murder and set out to clear their former boss’ reputation. Very quickly, the enterprise proves to be more than they expected.

Suspenseful and romantic, Scots Honor will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow Sam through his story of trials and twists.

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