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August 27, 2021
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September 25, 2021

“Release Trapped Negative Emotions with Sound and Breathwork” by Geoffrey Thomas

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“The greatest enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions of all kinds.” (Brian Tracey)

Emotions affect every aspect of your life, from how you process information to your interactions with other people. Many don’t understand how emotions are formed and accept them as they come, never taking the time to learn how to control and release them. When your body is ruled by negative emotions trapped inside, you attract and perceive experiences resonating with your emotional state.

This book teaches you what emotions are, and how they affect your body’s physiology and your behaviors. It provides a clear and concise understanding of the science behind emotional responses, from how stimuli travels from the sensory receptors to the brain to how the body responds to stressors. It explains how the brain uses energy and frequency to communicate information within the body before introducing the listener to various sound therapy and breathwork techniques that can help you release trapped negative emotions. Most of these techniques have been used to improve physical and mental health by civilizations, dating as far back as antiquity and across the religious and spiritual spectrum. They are all easily accessible, affordable, and backed by scientific study.

If you are looking for an informative, easy-to-understand listen that successfully combines New Age spiritualism with science, then this is the book for you.

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