Poetry in Equilibrium

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December 31, 2020
Candii Kayn
January 15, 2021

“Poetry in Equilibrium: The Equilibrist Series, Vol. 4” by Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

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This fourth and final volume of The Equilibrist series is a compilation of all poems, essays, and fables of the first three books. A precious craft of artful verses that are straightforward easy to understand. Through art that speaks to all, the author seeks to elicit emotions while provoking reflection.

With verses that jump with ease out of the book, enrapturing anyone’s heart, Cromwell-Smith tackles a full circle of life with subjects like hope, inspiration, self-reliance, true love, the happiness formula, optimism, faith, gratitude, the importance of the small details in life, doubt, duality, virtue, forgiveness, adversity, curiosity, resilience, coherence, decisions, convergence, geniality, and joy, among others.

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