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May 14, 2020
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June 1, 2020

“Overthinking” by Sophia Bloomfield

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Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between destructive thoughts, overthinking, and anxiety.

People usually liken these issues to the “chicken and the egg” situation, that is it is difficult to determine what come first.

Do you have anxiety because you started overthinking or do you start overthinking because you already suffered from anxiety?

Many people suffer from overthinking on a daily basis without realizing that they are doing it.

For example, many people usually make hundreds of “to do” lists telling themselves that they are well organized.

Probably you do the same.

Here a question for you: How many times you succeed to follow your lists?

If your answer is “always!” or “almost always!” then you can stop reading these lines because it seems this audiobook is not for you.

Instead, if you are unknowingly nodding since the first lines (and your answer is a smirk) then you surely are going to obtain several benefits by listening this audiobook.

Overthinking is a huge problem because it holds you back and prevents you from doing the things you want.

And when you let yourself be overcome you start losing your peace and you miss the opportunity to be happy and successful.

The truth is that human brain is capable of amazing and dreadful things at the same time.

If you are still reading this audiobook description probably have forgot the good side of your mind.

Luckily you happened to break in here today.

Stop overthinking is possible and you are going to learn how to succeed in a simple way.

Certainly you will have to do the bulk of the work (you did not think that you would have had a kind of spell to solve anything without any sacrifice, did you?) and, most important, you must want to change your mind and your life once for all.

But really, you are going to stop overthinking (and feeling anxious, whatever comes first).

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