Orc: Saga of the Brightflame

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August 15, 2022
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October 23, 2022

“Orc: Saga of the Brightflame” by Chad Westbrook, Narrated by: John B. Jenkins

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William Pyke, knight of Weithumbria, and his clan of warriors enter temple ruins to save a group of kidnapped humans from a band of orcs. What he did not expect to find were a female human slave and her half-orc child. Her dying wish was for the knight to protect her child, forcing Sir William to make the choice of taking the half-orc, half-human child back to Weithumbrian’s capital of Brythelm.

The orcling, now named Abrium, begins his years living in a town of people that abhor his kind. Trouble soon follows young Abrium and his father, William, is forced to send him away from the city to be fostered by the reluctant dwarves of Redbeard Bay.

And through it all, a dark elf witch seeks the souls of humans to free her evil dragonlord from his immortal prison and commands a disgruntled clan of orcs to get what she wants.

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