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July 19, 2020
MaMa in the Holler
July 25, 2020

Once a Pirate” by Diana Bold

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The earl of Sutcliffe has a problem – his son, Daniel, prefers men to women. After two years of marriage to Lady Kathryn Sinclair, Daniel hasn’t produced an heir. Desperate to continue his bloodline, Sutcliffe turns to his illegitimate son, Talon Montgomery. Knowing the prosperous American privateer will never do as he wishes, Sutcliffe arranges for his son to be falsely arrested for piracy.

Talon is devastated when he believes his entire crew has been executed. When he discovers Sutcliffe has interceded on their behalf, Talon is willing to do her anything to keep them safe – even seduce his sister-in-law.

Can her tender heart survive the love of a pirate?

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