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March 24, 2022
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My Escape” by Latanya Lyons

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Are You Facing A Stressful Situation And Starting To Lose Hope?

Do Not Give Up! Discover That Your Past Does Not Define You, And Your Future Can Be Bright!

Most kids think of their home as a safe place. We are surrounded by all those ‘perfect’ families where children grow happy and loved! They are raised by loving parents responsible for their mental and physical health and would do anything to protect them.

But some kids have never experienced this. Many children are exposed to very stressful situations from a young age, being hurt and abandoned by people supposed to love and protect them. They are constantly stressed, disappointed, betrayed, and scared. These kids eventually lose their hope, experience anxiety, and think that they have no chance of succeeding in life. The author of this book, Latanya, used to be one of those kids.

Introducing ”My Escape” By Latanya Lyons – An Outstanding Inspirational Book About Latanya’s Painful Childhood, The Challenges She Faced, And How She Managed To Overcome Them!

Latanya lived with her mother, Regina, her stepfather, and her five siblings until the age of 7. This was when the Department of Human Services decided that she and her sister Jennifer had to be separated from their family due to being abused.

Thinking that they were going to a better place to live a better life, Jennifer and Latanya moved in with their aunt, uncle, and five kids. Things were good for a while until they weren’t. Once again, they had to be moved to another dysfunctional household.

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