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March 18, 2021
March 24, 2021

“My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany)” by  Kevin Darné and Narrator Dirk Hooper

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My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) by Kevin Darné is about seeing things as they are in our relationships. Very few choices rise to the level of importance as selecting one’s life partner, and yet many of us never take the time to do the necessary introspective thinking needed to determine what it is we want and need from a mate or potential spouse.

This leads many of us down a road of frustration as we look for ways to change our significant other. Our epiphany moment arrives when we realize our expectations for this particular person are unrealistic.

With each failed relationship, heartache, or betrayal we are presented with an opportunity to either craft or refine our mate selection process and “must haves list” for choosing our next mate. My Cat Won’t Bark! will forever change the way you view and choose your relationships.
The goal is to have a “soulmate” not a cellmate!
No one is “stuck” with anyone. Suffering is optional.

There are only two ways to experience joy and peace of mind in relationships, we either get what we want or we learn to be happy with what we have. Accept them (as is) or move on. The choice is up to us. My Cat Won’t Bark! offers advice for both paths.

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