Music is not Bound by Time

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March 11, 2021
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March 16, 2021

“Music is not Bound by Time, Song for a Lost Kingdom Book I” by Steve Moretti

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Crushed with the rejection of joining a world-renowned orchestra, a modern-day cellist finds new hope in an unexpected summons to Scotland. Adeena’s dying grandmother has a gift for her; a lost music score that Adeena performs on the oldest surviving cello ever made in the United Kingdom.

As she plays… time transforms.

A connection is made through the music to Katharine, another young cellist and composer in Scotland, though the year is 1745.

Their connection is cemented by the love of the same man doomed to die after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The magic of a priceless cello connects two souls that share the same heart in all that truly matters to them – love and the maddening drive to compose and to perform.

“I adore time travel stories and this is one of the best I’ve found. Great characters and I could almost hear the music.” – R. Pool

In ‘Music is Not Bound by’ Time, Book I of the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy, the timeless power of music transcends the limitations of the ordinary world for those who truly listen through their heart.

Get swept away in this historical time-slip fantasy-adventure powered by music that refuses to be bound by time – and an impossible love that defies the tragic fate already determined by history.

Your time-slip adventure awaits…

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