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November 12, 2020
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November 14, 2020

“LIVE FROM YOUR CLASS: Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” by Jamie Mason Cohen

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In Jamie Mason Cohen’s super, easy-to-read and entertaining style he applies the stories from his time at Saturday Night Live to his decade and half-long award-winning teaching and professional speaking career.

He is a TED-Huff Post International Teaching Award recipient, TEDx speaker whose talk on unconventional leadership has 2.2 million views. He is a 2020 Meeting Planners International New York for Speaker of the Year.

It is a book that inspires yet is grounded in actionable strategies.
The author has drawn on his fascinating contacts in the world of comedy, magic, human rights and psychology to make applicable connections that can transform not just any classroom or remote workplace, but also the mindset of any teacher and leader.

Humour in a class or workspace equals increased engagement, less stress and better overall results.

Jamie Mason Cohen shows that any teacher or manager can add more light, fun and creativity in their remote or in-person learning environments through strategies tested for years and backed by real data.

Go from feeling burned out to energized in your classes.
Offers new, fresh creative approaches to your professional growth.

Create a space where your team is inspired to learn

Contribute to learners feeling happier and more emotionally content.

How to apply stories from your life in a compelling and relevant way to dramatically increase motivation and engagement.

The strategies in this book have the power to turn the most toxic class or work environment culture into a learning environment where creativity and a love of learning thrive.

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