Demystifying Enlightenment
July 25, 2021
July 30, 2021

“Killer Trace: The Immersion” by Dan Newberry

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Vigilante justice is often the best kind of justice.

Professionally guided hunts are typically the best kind of hunts.

Your guides will be members of the Tavenner Group.

Your quarry might be a serial rapist… or a murderous gangster… or a child molester… you name the type of hunt you’d like to go on… and the Tavenner Group will take it from there… for a substantial price, of course.

Ben Tavenner is an eye doctor… a psychoanalyst… and a killer of those deserving to die. He works to “make the world a better place,” as he puts it.

Natalie Darden seems willing to give up her last tress of innocence to have Ben. As his secretary for eight years, the one-eyed yet still quite pretty Miss Darden has no idea how her boss earns most of the money he spends. But soon she will find out.

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