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March 7, 2021
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March 11, 2021

“In the time of pandemic: Coronavirus Real Story” by Lucia Condescu

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This book presents a real story that happened during the pandemic and highlights the fact that the most beautiful things come when we least expect it.

Mary, a divorced young woman who no longer hopes for love, ends up having the most beautiful feelings just at this time when humanity is hard tried. But nothing is so simple when the past knocks on her door again.

There is a war in her soul, there is a battle between past and present, the strongest must win, but is she ready to be the battlefield of the two opponents? It is hard to try when you have to fight the dreaded virus.

Will a love story started during the pandemic be able to face the obstacles imposed by the situation and overcome the barriers in the hearts of the two lovers?

I dedicate this book to all those who say: I can’t! I can’t, there isn’t! When you want to succeed, everything is possible and the universe plots to fulfill any dream you believe in. Someone was telling me: you will not be able to get a driver’s license, this made me ambitious and organized the universe so nicely that after a short period of time I managed to pass the exam and I got my driver’s license. When I was looking to buy a car, I came across the one who told me I couldn’t, fate did not miss the opportunity to show him that I succeeded. Believe in your dreams and put passion in everything you do.

Believe in yourself!

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