How to Find Growth Beyond Your Personal Brand

The Angelic Realm
November 27, 2020
Kat Doggers
December 4, 2020

“How to Find Growth Beyond Your Personal Brand : The strategies to help you move beyond your personal brand” by Mohit Rajhans

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If you’ve spent a lot of your career and focusing on your personal brand it’s time to start thinking about how to future proof your work. While digital platforms come and go, so do opportunities to create, build, and nurture your customer and audiences, but we can’t rely on them.

The idea of growth branding helps you to start to consider how to turn the value of your personal brand into something you can actually benefit from. The book comes with an audit for you to do that will help you organize your path to growth and success factors. Likes, connections, comments, and shares are good, but NOT the solution to building something sustainable. You have dreams, ambition, and goal, it’s time to find the path to growth that is right for you.

Through my experience over the last 15 years in media and communications, I’ve seen influencers come and go as quickly as I’ve seen corporate achievers underperform, and they often have the same hurdles. As a bonus, in this book you will also find the idea of how creating a “blueprint” of your contacts can help you market yourself better and more efficiently. Don’t have time to figure it out? Do the growth audit online at to help you pivot and find real opportunities for growth in business and personal branding.

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