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August 19, 2021
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August 21, 2021

“Heroes of Atlantis: Legend of the Dragon Runes” by Ryan Carriere

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Dragons have been slumbering for centuries…can two unlikely heroes awaken them?

Roeg is cursed…at least, that’s what everyone tells him. Disabled since birth with a strange rune around his neck, he struggles to fit in with his prehistoric clan who are very close to disowning him!

Now, at the age of 14, he is forced to take matters into his own hands as he is forbidden to compete in the Great Hunt – a coming of age rite of passage for all clan younglings. If his plan fails, it means certain death, but to succeed, he must risk being shunned from clan life.

Across the sea of Atlantis, an apprentice Rune Hunter is forced into service, sent on an impossible mission to retrieve a powerful dragon rune or die trying. The only problem is that she has no experience, no training, and nowhere to run…

This coming-of-age prehistoric survival fantasy mashes together steampunk, prehistoric and arthurian elements to create a breathtaking world of monsters, magic and misfits!

What can you expect?
Two parallel stories, with two protagonists and an awesome cast of supporting characters. A hero, Roeg, and a herioine, Sephonei. And together they scrape their way through the wilds of the Mainland, and Atlantis, searching for the fabled ‘Land of Darkness’. You can also expect to encounter odd and little known monsters, beasts and legendary creatures!

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