Waiting on the River
February 26, 2021
Ghost Trapped
February 27, 2021

“Ghost Handled (Valley Ghosts Series Book 3)” by BL Maxwell

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Jason was excited about exploring Preston Castle. But when he realizes it might be too much for the team at Running Scared Paranormal, Wade comes up with another idea to challenge their skills and fortitude: three haunted places in three nights.

Wade is used to Jason and his obsession with spirits, and now that he understands his own abilities a little better, he’s more than willing to go along with his boyfriend on another adventure. But three? Not knowing much about the places worries him, but he knows he can trust Jason.

A lot has changed the past two years. Jimbo and his boyfriend, Dean, have also joined the team, much to Jimbo’s reluctance, and Dean’s delight. They agree to travel along with Wade and Jason to this trifecta of haunted houses, but Jimbo might have some surprises up his sleeve – that have nothing to do with ghosts.

Now if only they can make it through three nights of ghost hunting.

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