From Inmate to Boss 2

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April 12, 2021
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April 13, 2021

“From Inmate to Boss 2” by E Fresh

Do you have problems with setting goals & sticking to them? Do you believe that you deserve better in life? If you answered yes. Than you must read the Bestselling series “From Inmate To Boss”. ” From Inmate To Boss,” shows you how to make your goals come to fruition, how to master the necessary steps to achieving your desires; & how not get in your own way & allow others to block your path for success. You will see how the author went from concept to networking; to earning money; to running a business while physically incarcerated. (Goggle & rates “From Inmate To Boss,” 4•7 stars out of 5 stars & places this bestselling book at the top of the search engine results). “From Inmate To Boss,” by: E. Fresh, your new favorite author is available from

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