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Ear Wax Max: Quarantined” by Alisdair Baird

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It was supposed to be the ultimate vacation. So why is he still stuck with schoolwork?

Max Jones can’t believe his incredible luck. With the pandemic canceling class at Filmore Middle School, life is about to become all comic books, video games… and no boring learning. But when it turns out he’s expected to attend online and has to keep doing homework, he feels totally ripped off.

Cornered in close quarters with his annoying little sister and his mom’s overbearing supervision, Max and his best buddy conspire to find some escape from this tragically torturous new existence. But between using a rake to measure social distancing, accidentally clothes lining the neighbor into the rosebushes, and failing to master a bidet during a toilet paper shortage, having fun during lock down is no joke.

Can Max survive staying home for his health?

Quarantined is the hilarious first book in the Ear Wax Max middle grade humor series. If you like junior-high hijinks, relatable characters, and finding the funny during difficult times, then you’ll love Alisdair Baird’s laugh-out-loud adventure.

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