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January 16, 2021
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January 16, 2021

“Dismas – The Penitent Thief: An Introduction” by Mark Thomas Jones

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The events of the Crucifixion continue to fascinate biblical scholars and artists alike. Amongst the drama of that momentous day was a humble request and the reply that it received, an incident that manages to crystalize something of the essence of Christianity.

Dismas – The Penitent Thief: An Introduction seeks to explore what is known of the individual who made that request and discover his story, his significance, and how he continues to inspire others, especially those involved in prison ministry and outreach programs. If you have ever been curious and had questions about those who were crucified along with Jesus Christ, some of the answers are to be found here. So often we set great store by the ephemeral yet neglect the eternal. Here is an opportunity to find out how one whose life had fallen well short of the ideal became the focus of supreme love.

The story of the penitent thief (known to many as Saint Dismas) and the Crucifixion poses questions that deserve to be asked, and should set us thinking about our own journey of faith. Maybe this book will encourage us to look, as well as see, and cause us to question differently, and hopefully allow us to start to see majesty in the margins. The subject of this book is an individual who is so much more than a bit player in the Crucifixion of Jesus; he is someone who can serve as a reminder that no one is beyond God’s grace.

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