Cosby: Down But Not Out

From Inmate to Boss 2
April 13, 2021
Brave or Stupid
April 16, 2021

Cosby: Down But Not Out” by E Fresh

How does Bill Cosby “America’s favorite dad” spend his time in prison? How does Bill Cosby feel about his “Adversaries”, who sent him to prison? What messages is Bill Cosby preaching to the youth while in prison? What special, legendary treatment does Bill Cosby receive? “Cosby: Down But Not Out,” has the answers to these questions & more. Plus, exclusive, never released discussions & interviews with Bill Cosby while he’s in prison? Treat yourself by reading this book & being thoroughly entertained. “Cosby: Down But Not Out,” by: E. Fresh, your new favorite author is available from in print and eBook.

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