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January 23, 2021
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January 29, 2021

“CDL Minded Entrepreneur” by Joe Ryder 

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How to step out of the mindset of a typical employee who follows his boss’s orders, and start to think like an ambition-driven entrepreneur
How to shape your CDL business to fit your goals and dreams, especially if you’re looking to work less…but earn more money
The three most important lifestyle habits for success, including easy techniques to develop and incorporate into your daily routine
The GAME plan for your business: a simple concept CDL millionaires use that produces surprisingly powerful results
Business logistics from A to Z: find out how to register your company, create financial plans, and market your business
How to make your business work for you to provide you with more money than you’ve ever earned, while having more freedom than you ever thought possible
Professional strategies for maximizing the security of your business and making sure you never hit a bump on a road
The changes and challenges in the CDL industry, including a guide through tax laws and regulations, as well as vehicles and other equipment
Helpful templates for business plans and budget calculations, to help you make a great start towards your financial and personal freedom

Free Action Plan Workbook included!

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