Bedtime Stories for Adults

November 12, 2020
Six Days of Memories
November 16, 2020

“Bedtime Stories for Adults” by Dorothy Goodwin

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Would you like to get to sleep more easily so you can face the stress and pressures that life has to offer?

More and more adults in today’s world are finding it more difficult to adjust to a healthy nightly routine that will allow them to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and to slip peacefully into a recuperative and healthy sleep cycle. Because of this, more and more solutions are flooding into the market to help people with these afflictions, but few have proven to be as effective as meditation. Research tells us that meditating for even just a little while before bed each night allows us to relax in ways we’ve never experienced.

With stress about bills, deadlines, work, relationships, and so much more bearing down on the average adult, there’s no wonder why it’s hard to let go and drift off peacefully. With the tales and meditations in this book, you’re given something peaceful and engaging for your mind to latch onto, making it easier for those daily pressures to fall away. As you read these tales and follow these methods, you will find it much easier to relax, to fall asleep, and to stay that way over time.

In this book, you will find:

  • Engaging tales that will allow you to leave stress behind for the night
  • Tools you can really use to help you to get the most out of your sleep
  • Healing techniques for your mind that engage, nourish, and entertain
  • Short stories that can be digested quickly and easily so your sleep schedule is accommodated
  • Self-hypnosis that will help you to make the changes you need and want in your life
  • So much more!

Stop letting the stress of your day keep you awake at night. That stress and the lack of sleep is what’s keeping you from really getting the hang of life and living it to the fullest. Take control and allow yourself to get the good night’s sleep that you need and deserve!

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