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July 2, 2020
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July 4, 2020

“Alternate” by Christopher James Buxton

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Jimmy Ray leaves his ordinary life behind, and embarks on an expedition through a diversity of fascinating worlds, with his co-traveler Cia. Will he adapt and find the key to the multi-dimensional system to bring the lost traveler home?

Mr. Ray’s exploration transcends deeper as each dimension becomes more sinister. Can he connect to his alternate self to seek the help he needs to unlock the distant reaches of the multi-dimensional map!

Jimmy Ray is selected by a highly classified agency Alternate to help find a lost traveler, stuck in a lost dimension Komodonia for nine years. Stepping into the volatile world of an “Alternate” traveler, he must learn fast, thrown straight into the action as the search begins.

An exciting, fast-paced sci-fi thriller with a small dose of fantasy. An entertaining journey through alternate worlds across the multi-dimensional system. Together with fun, exciting, and relatable characters, there is the odd humor, emotion, and plenty of exploration. This book provides intense action, mystery, and creative realities. For those who like the idea of alternate dimensions, you’ll enjoy this one.

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