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November 20, 2020
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November 27, 2020

“All His Works: On the Eighth Day” by Ainny Klover

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All His Works: On the Eighth Day by Ainny Klover, is an original and stylish audiobook that uniquely merges a suspense-filled crime story with a soulful soundtrack, all written by Ainny.

Alex Bryn, a retired successful musician, is now a small-time music critic, who receives an unexpected call from a police inspector investigating the ominous death of his former flame. Shaken, Alex finds himself in a jazz bar watching an impossible out-of-time show performed by Ciara, his dead ex-lover. Did the performance really take place or was it a figment of Alex’s imagination?

With outstanding effect, All His Works: On the Eighth Day has a thrilling storyline and a creative theatrical backdrop that will keep listeners tuned in until the dramatic end note.

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