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October 25, 2021
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“8 Mindful Habits to Build a Loving Relationship” by Trudi Dean

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Are you ready to learn how to build the most fulfilling relationships of your life? Do you have an existing flailing relationship that needs a jumpstart or CPR? If, up until this point, you have struggled through the rocky terrain of relationships, not knowing how to fix the problems you encounter, you might appreciate a map to show you the way. Intimate relationships can have a significant impact on our lives and our mental and emotional health. Moreover, they can be an essential foundation for a remarkably well-rounded life when done well.

If you are ready to start winning at relationships, both with others and yourself, then this book is for you.

Inside 8 Mindful Habits to Build a Loving Relationship, discover the secret of lasting relationships with:

Understand how you want to be loved and teach your partner your love language to avoid feeling like your partner is incapable of meeting your needs.

Build a closeness that gives you the freedom to be on your own.

Figure out problems without anyone getting hurt, be more assertive on the other side of challenges and learn how to navigate your way through conflict together.

Breathe new life into your intimate relationship by embracing the sensual being inside you and allowing your physical connection to match the intensity of your emotional relationship.

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