The Silver City A Prequel of the Father Earth Series

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December 6, 2019
Ava’s Daily Inspiration
December 7, 2019

“The Silver City A Prequel of the Father Earth Series” by Brad W. King

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A helicopter touches down in Fin Shaw’s front yard. Inside is a man that has some big news to break. “Fin, you’re going with me to Egypt!” The moment the young archaeologist has been waiting for his entire life has arrived! The men arrive in the Valley of the Kings and locate a secret chamber in the tomb of King Tutankhamun that has an insane secret.

Two silver boxes hold all the answers. Fin finds himself trekking across frozen tundra with the love of his life in peril to find a lost city, only to be confronted with the greatest mystery of all time while being pursued by a global crime syndicate. What will Fin find in the ancient hidden city? King’s setup to the Father Earth series will leave you wanting more. A must-listen novella.

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