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December 4, 2019
The Silver City A Prequel of the Father Earth Series
December 6, 2019

“The Evil of Father” by Brad W. King

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Robot Children. Mass Genocide. A Final Test.

These are the parameters that Father has set for mankind…and after a millennium of murder and destruction, it’s time to take the fight to this immortal man. An insane physician by the name of Dr. Cyre believes that he has discovered the key to taking Father down. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Cooster Salko follows in his ancestor’s footsteps and attempts to survive Father’s final test that becomes a barrage of sinister subtests that vie for his life. At the same time, shadow people conceal themselves away from the elite kill squad that Father has mobilized to eliminate them for good.

What will the eventuality of Father be? Can his immortality be compromised? If so, by what means? This follow up to King’s novella, The Silver City, is sure to captivate you with its constant action, twists and intrigue. Sci-fi you don’t want to miss.

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