Musings, Dreams, and Other Silly Things

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June 3, 2019
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June 10, 2019

“Musings, Dreams, and Other Silly Things from the Mind of an Uncommon Woman” by Deborah Leatherbery

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Words, sometimes, can be the only bridge out of the dark forest.

When I cannot see the forest for the trees, I wonder – will I ever find my way back home?

Musings, Dreams, and Other Silly Things from the Mind of an Uncommon Woman gathers poet Debbie Leatherbery’s 37 years of writing experience together in a poignant book filled with dark whimsy and delight.

With powerful prose centered in aspects of nature and rooted in the human condition, Debbie takes listeners on a journey through melancholy, sorrow, laughter, and joy, touching on the trials that make us who we are meant to be. Her own life’s journey is reflected in the audio, drawing from these experiences that have shaped her unique perspective.

Merging fantastical themes with real experiences, Debbie’s poetry is sure to speak to anyone whose daydreamed, gotten lost in a song only they can hear, or faced their own inner darkness. This enchanting collection will stay with you long after the final tick.

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