Level One

May 30, 2020
Manifesting Meditations
June 1, 2020

“Level One: Headshot: Level Up Series, Book 1” by Alexa Sommers

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You have the hands of a rogue, the mouth of a bard, and I’m pretty sure you’re at least half-cleric because you have me ready to scream. Oh, God!

Dillon Strands is not your typical college co-ed. While other’s are chasing down parties and partners, living out their dreams of debauchery, Dillon and his friends are studying, gaming, and stuck in a rut, their social lives hanging by a thread.

After a semester of continued promises to step out of their comfort zone, the five friends find themselves exactly where they started. Enter Suzanne Andrews, a gamer girl with a plan. Dillon may be at the top of his class, but when it comes to the art of pleasure, Suzie Andrews is an A+ student.

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