Invisible Martyrs

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September 24, 2018
The Silence Between the Sighs
September 26, 2018

“Invisible Martyrs: Inside the Secret World of Female Islamic Radicals” by Farhana Qazi

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Farhana Qazi draws on her background as a pioneering counterterrorism professional and a devout Muslim to offer an insider’s view of what drives girls and women to join radical Islamic movements, and identifies what America and the world community can do to keep them from making this terrible choice.


“Qazi brings hidden Islamic women into the light” No longer invisible, Qazi weaves stories about mothers, sisters, wives who become involved in Islamic extremism with her personal story about growing up Muslim in the United States. As she did with SECRETS OF THE KASHMIR VALLEY, she interviews women from a variety of backgrounds, finding women you’d never suspect of becoming an extremist. Some of her stories will break your heart. All of them will open your mind.

Qazi struggles with the reality that her peaceful religion has been co-opted in the name of unspeakable evil. Whether you are interested in gender bias, religious extremism, or terrorism, this is a must-read book. It’s message will stay with long after you’ve finished the last page, because the story is not finished. Let us hope for more studies from Qazi.~Betsy Ashton

“Must Read” Farhana is an amazing, inspirational woman that has done tremendous work throughout her career. She has struggled with understanding how her beautiful, peaceful religion of Islam could be distorted in ways that make both men and women commit horrendous acts of violence in the name of Allah. This book is a must read; it separates the real Islamic beliefs and values from the “Islamic” foundations being used by terrorists as justification for their repression and violence.~Sarah Tranquilli

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