Science Fiction & Fantasy

December 6, 2019

The Evil of Father

“The Evil of Father” by Brad W. King Robot Children. Mass Genocide. A Final Test. These are the parameters that Father has set for mankind…and after […]
December 6, 2019

The Silver City A Prequel of the Father Earth Series

“The Silver City A Prequel of the Father Earth Series” by Brad W. King A helicopter touches down in Fin Shaw’s front yard. Inside is a […]
March 6, 2020

The Last Days of Thunder Child

“The Last Days of Thunder Child” by C.A. Powell | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pastiche story from H.G. Wells’ War of […]
March 13, 2020

Flame of the Succubus

“Flame of the Succubus: Succubus Trainer, Book One” by Jason Herc | Website | Facebook | Even Hell needs a hero. Aidan Ward works security at […]
April 29, 2020

Chicago 1871

“Chicago 1871: A Science Fiction Thriller” by James E. Merl What if you had the chance to go back in time and change history? It started […]
May 12, 2020

Jake Howard

“Jake Howard: Multiverse 101” by Will Castillo | Facebook | On a ninth grade field trip to Mohonk Mountain, Jake Howard discovered a mysterious portal that […]
May 14, 2020

The Magic Unicorn

“The Magic Unicorn” by Sarah Doll Snuggle with your kids at bedtime with this collection of easy-to-read children’s stories! Does your child have difficulty falling asleep? […]
June 29, 2020

The Lion and the Mouse

“The Lion and the Mouse” Author: Aesop Narrated by: Emmy Green Are you looking for a lovely fable? The Lion and the Mouse is other best known Aesop’s […]
July 4, 2020


“Alternate” by Christopher James Buxton Jimmy Ray leaves his ordinary life behind, and embarks on an expedition through a diversity of fascinating worlds, with his co-traveler […]