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February 21, 2019
February 27, 2019

“Atlantis: The Akashic Trials” by  Cristiana DiPietro (Narrated by Kathryn Adams)

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There is something so intoxicating and familiar about Luke. Never in a million years did Lee think the live-stream she runs with her narcissistic ex, Austin, would lead her to him and, most importantly, to the lost island of Atlantis. Lee and Austin have created success by live-streaming the retrieval of stone skull artifacts from around the world. Luke and his research team, Indigo Deep, call upon the live-stream’s internet celebrity to broadcast the return to what is believed to be the recently discovered island of Atlantis. There, they hope to open the mysterious Hall of Records. However, it is not as simple as turning a key. The group is forced to undergo a series of seven trials designed to test mortal worth. Together, Lee and Luke must somehow survive, relying solely on their otherworldly connection to each other, and the critical realization that the Hall was closed for reasons directly connected to them.

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