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“Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions from the Spiritual World” by Dennis Macy

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Discover how our dearly departed loved ones try to communicate with us. Demystifying Enlightenment is a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. With answers to the most frequently asked questions entwined with accounts of his real encounters to support them, Macy who has highly enhanced abilities offers insight into the world we live in and the one to come.

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Capitol Insurrection: From A Black Man’s Perspective” by Andrew Beckford

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Capitol Hill Insurrection occurred on January 6, 2021, United States in Washington, D.C. It was a sad historical moment that can only be compared to the American Civil War period when it started in 1861. Many believed that Capitol Hill Insurrection was the start of another Civil War that would have led to bloodshed as we have never seen before. It was a great relief for millions when the violent attack against the U.S Congress turned out to be a rioters’ attack with nothing else coming out of it. For millions, it was a great disappointment since they wanted blood and frankly, a race war. Instead, the four-hour Insurrection led to five deaths, more than 140 people injured, and vandalism at its peak. Donald Trump was accused of being the Many now begged the question. What was the motive for the capital Hill Insurrection? Was it really to stop Joe Biden’s election results from being confirmed, or was there more sinister reasoning behind it all. Andrew Beckford, the author of Capitol Hill Insurrection from A Black Man’s Perspective He believed that there was a sinister agenda, more than what we have been led to believe. Follow Andrew on his journey as he digs deep into the affairs of all people and their history to show that the Capitol Hill Insurrection was not all about Donald Trump and Joe Biden but about changing the course of history. He will examine the deep-rooted reasons for the Insurrection as it affects every man, woman, and child present and future on this planet we call earth. Sorry, but there will be some painful pills to swallow for all readers.

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“Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss: A practical guide to weight loss solutions that help you burn fat, eat smart and feed the brain.” by Daniel Zane Bryan

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This is not your traditional “follow a restrictive meal plan” for incredible weight loss book. Instead, it provides you with various solutions that won’t just help you lose weight but will also completely transform your life into one that fills you with energy and long-lasting health. Everyone’s body is different, which means there is no one-way approach to manage your weight. Learning what works for your body and lifestyle will give you more freedom and confidence in your ability to reach your ideal weight. In Decode the Secret Codes to Weight Loss, you will learn: How to improve your relationship with food. How to find the right diet for your lifestyle. Effective strategies that will boost your weight loss results. The hidden culprits of weight gain. The one thing that will transform your weight loss journey (and it has nothing to do with food or exercise). This book will be your ultimate guide to lose weight and how to keep it off. You will learn the most effective ways to begin your weight loss journey, how to boost your results, and how to maintain your new healthy habits for the rest of your life. If you are tired of struggling and want to finally gain control, you will find the solutions in this book.

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“Places of Power” by Ljubisa Stojanovic, Narrated by James McCallion, Produced by Blue Mamo Entertainment, published by Bacher Hason

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In the summer of 1997, while I was deeply meditating, I received information about a place of power, one I had not heard of until then. This place is situated in a temple in Jaipur, a place 200 kilometers south of New Delhi. It came to existence 138k years ago, when the human civilization was still in deep darkness, and it is still active today. It is the strongest place of power in the world, one I will visit and obtain detailed data. I was told that in deep meditation I would be given knowledge about the places of power that will lead me to the causes of the emergence, development, essence, and importance of those Places regarding the development of the human civilization. That knowledge is holy; one cannot obtain it by using human research methods. It can only be transferred through spiritual beings.

The transfer of this knowledge took place almost on a daily basis from Jan 1, 1998, and lasted for two months. The knowledge I received taught me that the development of the human race can be divided into two periods: Before and after human contact with luminous bodies (special spiritual energies), and places of power. Before the contact, the human race was developing in a natural way, like all the other living beings. After the contact, the development of every individual has accelerated dramatically due to the aid of the luminous bodies, which activated their creativity & developed the intelligence of people. In this way the human race has developed tens of thousands of times during the last 140,000 years, instead of only twice like the other most developed animal species. Big civilizations responsible for the rise of the general level of human intelligence i.e. Mayas, Aztecs, Romans and others, were launched at places of power. The Creator gave a task to the places of power and they have been carrying it out ever since.

Places of power have a task, among others, to regenerate the Earth’s aura, and by doing so, reduce the danger of cataclysms and destruction of all living beings. The role of the places of power is to protect all the planets in the solar system and be of help in its preservation.

After I had contacted the spiritual being and the place of power in Jaipur, I was led to a decision to take my family and students of my meditation there and tasked with writing this book.

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“Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check the Box” by Nicole Draffen

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Hyphened-Nation was inspired by my travels overseas, and time spent living in the United Kingdom. Living abroad was an eye opening experience, I grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer I lived overseas. This book is about my insights, and experience of being treated as an American, rather than a hyphenated one. The difference was startling, and lead me on a journey to understand why The United States is one of the only, if not the only country, that hyphenates its citizens by ethnicity before nationality. Those same boxes we allow ourselves to be placed into as hyphenated-Americans, limit our economic, educational, societal and cultural growth. This book focuses on ways the U.S. and Europe differ culturally via media, and how a bridge might be created. I hope this book inspires you to join the movement and, “Don’t Check the Box”. Be a catalyst for positive change. Your stories and insights will help to light everyone’s path to a brighter future.

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“Power Crystals For Beginners: Unlock the Potential in Crystals for Healing, Energy, and Spiritual Transformation” by David Smith

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Are you seeking out ways that you can unlock your true potential after underachieving for too long?

Maybe, you have already heard about the wonderful healing powers that can be found in crystals, and you are looking for a user-friendly guide to help you use them to better yourself.

Perhaps, you are someone who has already used crystals before in their life, and you are keen to bring them back into your life with a practical and simple to follow guide.

Maybe, you have not heard very much about crystals and their immense healing powers, but you have read a little bit or heard positive things from those close to you and it has made you intrigued!

Regardless of your current relationship with crystals, Power Crystals for Beginners offers you everything needed to become much more experienced on this exciting subject and able to capitalize on the incredible healing potential that they possess.

What sets this guide apart from others is that it is simple to follow, easy to listen to, but also extremely informative. It is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you would expect to see as well as other little-known facts. As well as being an excellent guide for those that are relatively new to crystals, it is also a compendium of miscellaneous and useful information surrounding crystals.

Inside Power Crystals for Beginners, discover:

The power of crystals and its historical uses and subtle qualities
How to build your crystal toolbox, identifying where you should store them and how to care for them
How to use crystals to heal
Ways to use crystals to supercharge your energy, including a energization routine
How to use crystals to foster spiritual transformation
Ways to amplify the power of crystals
Other ways that you can harness the crystal power and how to improve your crystal knowledge
And much, much more!
Isn’t it time you brought these incredible benefits into your life?

I certainly think it is! It’s your time to take back control of your life and take it to whole new levels that you never thought were possible.

Get Power Crystals for Beginners today and start making life improvements immediately.

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“The Road Less Traveled, A Journey Through the Degrees of the Scottish Rite” by Michael J Sekera, Narrated by James McCallion

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Discover the Road Less Traveled.

There has been a renaissance in Masonic writings over the last quarter century. The academic world has rediscovered Freemasonry’s historical influence on civil society’s last 300 years. Now, you, too, can discover more about the mysteries of Masonry and the Masonic rituals. The world’s oldest fraternity is receiving considerable new attention.

In this book, you will discover:

  • An account of all 29 Degrees and their meanings
  • The esoteric aspects of the Rite
  • A greater understand of the symbols, metaphors, and allegories of the Scottish Rite
  • A deeper appreciate for the mysteries of Freemasonry

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“The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren

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Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, one of America’s largest and best-known churches, shows you how to lead a purpose-driven life. This Miniature Edition will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you – both here and now, and for eternity.

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“Stop the Panic: The Effects of Anxiety and Methods to Overcome Them” by Anthony Pizarro

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Anxiety is a normal response to risk, the human body’s automatic fight-or-flight response. It’s triggered when you feel threatened, under stress, or face a difficult situation, like a job interview, examination, or date. In moderation, anxiety is not always a terrible thing. It can allow you to remain focused and alert, induce you to act, and inspire you to address issues. However, while anxiety is overwhelming or constant -when they interfere with your relationships and everyday life – you have probably crossed the line from daily stress into the land of an anxiety disorder.

While having an anxiety disorder could be disabling, preventing you from living the life you desire, it is crucial to understand that you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are one of the most frequent mental health problems – and therefore are highly treatable. After you know your anxiety disorder, you can take steps to decrease the symptoms and regain control of your life.

Some anxiety is a normal part of existence. It is a byproduct of living in an often-chaotic world. Anxiety is not all bad, however. It makes you conscious of risk, motivates you to remain organized and ready, and can help you calculate dangers. However, when anxiety becomes a daily battle, it is time to act before it snowballs. Unchecked anxiety can greatly affect your well-being. Take control today with a few helpful solutions in this book both for the person suffering and those around him/her that want to help.

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“Anam Cara” by Dr Glenville Ashby

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Anam Cara is a Celtic term meaning, “soul friend”. In the days of the Druids, an Anam Cara served as a confidante, an advisor, and confessor. This book reintroduces the power of having a “soul friend”. Today, we can enjoy this spiritual benefit. A soul friend listens, understands, and is never judgmental. By clearing one’s conscience, learning to let go, forgive, and atone, we experience the magical power of our soul. We are reborn and begin to realize our potential. This book teaches us how we can transform our lives by following simple but powerful teachings. Ashby offers the listeners minor and major keys to unlock their fullest potential. Minor keys include meditation and journaling, while some of the major keys are atonement and forgiveness. Eric Ober, media consultant and former president of CBS News, said, “This is a truly inspirational book on overcoming inhibitions and roadblocks in order that we maximize our creativity and quality of life.” University lecturer Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh said, “This unique publication will benefit persons who seek to rid themselves of emotional baggage and attain a peaceful mind.”

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“Surviving the Theseus” by Randy Dean Noble

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Regina, trained to find the dregs of humanity, trained to kill, is forced into vacation because her peers are getting murdered.

At first, the massive cruise vessel she chooses as her resort destination seems…tolerable, and then, in the span of a few hours, everyone disappears, thousands of passengers vanish.

As Regina explores the ship, not only does she discover pile after pile of clothing and no bodies, she finds a fear not felt for years. Although she cannot know for certain something is there, an ominous orange light appearing out of nowhere leaves little doubt some unseen thing hunts her. And all that is just the beginning.

It is a time of restricted space travel so enforced that almost nobody can veer off course, but nobody knows why. They’re about to find out.

Get ready for a sci-fi/horror/thriller roller-coaster ride.

Author’s note: This novel contains strong language, violence, and a sexually described event. If this novel were a movie, it would be rated R.

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“The Lost Tomb of King Arthur” by Graham Phillips

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One of the most enigmatic figures in world history, King Arthur has been the subject of many fantastical tales over the past 1500 years, leading many scholars to regard him and his fabled city of Camelot simply as myth. But, as Graham Phillips shows through a wealth of literary and scientific evidence, King Arthur was a real man, Camelot a real place, and the legendary Excalibur a real sword – and Phillips has located them all.

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“Burning Addiction” by BL Maxwell

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Brennan Clayton lived a life of privilege and comfort, until experimenting with drugs in college led to him quitting school to live the life of an addict. His days are spent doing odd jobs for cash to pay for his habit. One night, he overdoses and nearly dies.
Doctor Lucas Martel works the nightshift in the emergency room at Eureka Hospital. He’s reclusive and brilliant at his job, and he’s all too aware that not everything in Eureka is as it seems. He’s also a vampire, one who chooses to blend in with humans rather than feed on them.
Something strange is happening to the homeless and addicts on the streets of Eureka; many have gone missing or ended up dead, and others have overdosed on drugs so strong, no human cure can counteract them. Not normally concerned with human tragedies, the vampires can’t stand back and let this play out, or they risk exposing their world to the humans.
Brennan must face his demons, and Lucas will discover many things about himself, and what he believes to be true: a seedy underground of rogue vampires and drugs that must be stopped, at any cost.
*Warning: contains references to drug use and abuse.

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Cosby: Down But Not Out” by E Fresh

How does Bill Cosby “America’s favorite dad” spend his time in prison? How does Bill Cosby feel about his “Adversaries”, who sent him to prison? What messages is Bill Cosby preaching to the youth while in prison? What special, legendary treatment does Bill Cosby receive? “Cosby: Down But Not Out,” has the answers to these questions & more. Plus, exclusive, never released discussions & interviews with Bill Cosby while he’s in prison? Treat yourself by reading this book & being thoroughly entertained. “Cosby: Down But Not Out,” by: E. Fresh, your new favorite author is available from in print and eBook.

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“From Inmate to Boss 2” by E Fresh

Do you have problems with setting goals & sticking to them? Do you believe that you deserve better in life? If you answered yes. Than you must read the Bestselling series “From Inmate To Boss”. ” From Inmate To Boss,” shows you how to make your goals come to fruition, how to master the necessary steps to achieving your desires; & how not get in your own way & allow others to block your path for success. You will see how the author went from concept to networking; to earning money; to running a business while physically incarcerated. (Goggle & rates “From Inmate To Boss,” 4•7 stars out of 5 stars & places this bestselling book at the top of the search engine results). “From Inmate To Boss,” by: E. Fresh, your new favorite author is available from

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“Wisconsin Vamp” by Scott Burtness

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Some vampires are destined for greatness. He’s not one of them.

When truckstop diner cook and mediocre bowler Herb Knudsen becomes a vampire, his once simple life gets a bit more complicated.

Herb’s not even sure how it happened. He wasn’t bitten by a vampire, which means there’s no one around to help him learn the ropes. With no one to guide him, Herb fumbles into his newfound abilities, courting disaster with every step.

Despite learning each new lesson the hard way, being a vampire isn’t all bad. He’s stronger, a little sexier, and a heck of a lot better at bowling. Even Lois, the girl of his dreams, is starting to notice him. But he can’t drink beer, the bodies are piling up, and his best friend Dallas isn’t just getting suspicious – he’s getting jealous.

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“The Pit” by Josh Soule

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Amazon best-selling author Josh Soule brings the anticipated and heart-wrenching prequel to The Monster.

Officer Seth Erickson is a by-the-book professional, at least until he meets attorney Matthew Longtine and his wife, Deborah. As Seth pursues the elusive Masked Vigilante, Matthew and Deborah solicit him as a security guard while they strive to combat the city’s growing gang problem.

When Matthew’s health takes a turn for the worse, his beloved wife, Deborah, is determined to do whatever it takes to save her husband, even if it means risking losing everything.

Thousands of miles away, a beautiful girl named Karina is trapped in a dead-end life with her unsavory boyfriend. Surrounded by tragedy and addiction, Karina sees no way out until military veteran Jason comes into her life. The misfortune Jason and Karina face sends them on the road, and right to Deborah Longtine.

Now trapped in Deborah’s criminal activity, Seth Erickson reluctantly does her bidding and watches her empire grow. Jason and Karina, desperate for a way to survive, join Deborah’s band of criminal misfits known only as “The Pit”.

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“Heroes of Atlantis: Legend of the Dragon Runes” by Ryan Carriere

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Roeg is a dragon mage… he just doesn’t know it yet.

An unlikely hero, Roeg is relentlessly teased for his differences, and is an outcast and has never fit in with the Clan. Abandoned as a child, he doesn’t truly know who he is or where he came from… but one thing is for sure; Clan life is hard with a disability, and with the Great Hunt approaching, Roeg must prove himself if wants to fulfill his destiny.

After decades of fighting the faie, killing mythical creatures and monsters, and hunting magical dragon runes, the Arch Magus is calling for all out war on the Mainland. Pressed into service, young Sephonei is thrust into a suicidal mission to find the illusive Blood Rune hidden within the legendary land of darkness or die trying…

Lord of the Rings meets Clan of the Cave Bear in Legend of the Dragon Runes, an illustrated sword and sorcery adventure and coming of age tale. If you like Legend of Tal, Dragon Mage, or The Heroes of Olympus, you’ll love the captivating world of Heroes of Atlantis.

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“Premium Lightning” by Michael Cook-Hoar II

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In a world much like are own, Hellbent heroes fight to stop villains driven by desires. Those who wish to control, those who wish to destroy, and some who just want do it all, while having fun.

Two Exalted heroes, one of New York, Lightning Fast, and the other of Las Vegas, Premiumman. Their world is about to be rocked to the core, by a man named Artist, a true monster. His devilish ties to the hero of New York, haunt her mind, and soul. She must stop him, too know any pace, in this world.

What will befall these heroes, at the hands of an Artist?

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“Another Fairy Bastard” by Ron Randall

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Murder, Mayhem and Magic.

College prepares you for many things, and the Army even more, but neither prepared Dalton Graham for the murder that occurred across the hall, or the fact that he was its intended victim.

Assailed and assaulted by inhuman, magic wielding villains who want nothing more than his death–he goes on the run; protected by the mysterious and lethal Umi Nittaku, who is equal parts shy stranger and beautiful angel of death.

As they flee from one danger to another, he begins to discover the arcane ability that is his birthright, and the reason why it has entire houses of the Eloim united against him.

He will need all his courage and cunning if he is to avoid a violent death and a shallow grave.

He will need the truest of friends and powerful magic if wants to be anything more than…

Another Fairy Bastard

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Self Investment 101” by Johnathan Goldsoul

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You know investing in your financial future is a good idea, but what’s even more important is investing in yourself. Keep reading to find out how to make wonderful YOU a priority and why it matters… Everyone aspires to be independent. It’s engrained in our psyche from the time we’re born, but life, circumstance, successes, and failures have sent you in unexpected directions. Now what?

Self-Investment 101: How to Bank on Yourself to Become a Valuable Asset & Profit Generating Machine aims to teach you how to untether the ties of dependency and finally become financially independent. It’s like “Unfu*k Yourself” meets “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

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“10 Bedtime stories Ages 0-4” by Tenisha Booker

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Sound interesting? The author thinks so too! Listen to 10 Bed Time Stories for Ages 0-4 and experience the compelling world of peaceful, soothing, and calming bedtime stories for your baby.

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“In the time of pandemic: Coronavirus Real Story” by Lucia Condescu

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This book presents a real story that happened during the pandemic and highlights the fact that the most beautiful things come when we least expect it.

Mary, a divorced young woman who no longer hopes for love, ends up having the most beautiful feelings just at this time when humanity is hard tried. But nothing is so simple when the past knocks on her door again.

There is a war in her soul, there is a battle between past and present, the strongest must win, but is she ready to be the battlefield of the two opponents? It is hard to try when you have to fight the dreaded virus.

Will a love story started during the pandemic be able to face the obstacles imposed by the situation and overcome the barriers in the hearts of the two lovers?

I dedicate this book to all those who say: I can’t! I can’t, there isn’t! When you want to succeed, everything is possible and the universe plots to fulfill any dream you believe in. Someone was telling me: you will not be able to get a driver’s license, this made me ambitious and organized the universe so nicely that after a short period of time I managed to pass the exam and I got my driver’s license. When I was looking to buy a car, I came across the one who told me I couldn’t, fate did not miss the opportunity to show him that I succeeded. Believe in your dreams and put passion in everything you do.

Believe in yourself!

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“The Trojan Plague” by Pierce Roberts

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As the Second World War turned in favor of the Allies, Germany became a sinking ship.

Nazi rats started to plan ways to escape inevitable revenge at the hands of the victorious forces and partisans. Looted wealth was hidden around the world to finance personal lifestyles and to fund future plans to restore the Nazis to power.

The ultimate evil man of the centure fakes his suicide, escapes from his bunker and settles in southern Argentina, physically altered, where he produces an heir to carry on his plans for a new Fourth Reich.

This son succeeds him and uses his father’s accumulated wealth to develop a bioweapon that can be hidden before an attack on the general population. The weapon causes severe neurological symptoms, resulting in populations of zombie like creatures.

Standing in the way of this is a team of CDC-trained USDA veterinarians, French investigators from the prestigious Pasteur Institute, and a young Lakota Sioux Indian from Fort Peck Montana. These friends were “commissioned” by the young man’s late Shaman great-grandfather to find satanic “destroyers” of life.

Now they are on a course to find the man who has developed a hidden plague that threatens the very existence of the civilized world.

Can they stop The Trojan Plague?

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“The Art and Power of Effective Dietary Habits: A Concise Guide on Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Principles” by Nafis Noman, M.D.

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A helpful guide to enjoying a deeper understanding of the benefits and principles of ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting, including how the two diets support each other as an effective way to lose weight and reap optimal health benefits to improve your quality of life and longevity.

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“Waiting on the River” by Travis Erwin

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Up and coming rodeo star, Blue Riggins, was a cowboy champion in the making, until a tragic death left him face down in the dirt. Turning his back on the arena and his family in Texas, Blue walked away from fame and fortune to become a nomadic, risk-it-all gambler.

Lindsay Parker has always been a runner. As a young girl, she ran to feel free and alive. In high school she ran for track glory. At seventeen, she slowed down long enough to be sweet talked into the tattered backseat of a Trans-Am. A decade later, she’s still running from that fateful night back in Oklahoma. Blue and Lindsay’s lives collide on a darkened stretch of Idaho highway. Unaware their pasts are deeply intertwined, he reluctantly takes her on a cross-country trip to face down the demons that haunt her, coming face to face with demons of his own along the way. Their newfound relationship is soon faced with painful truths, leaving them to wonder if it’s too late to turn back.

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“Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy” by Michael DeVinney

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Pure Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Sulaocracy is by philosopher and economist Michael DeVinney. It clearly explains the impossibility of understanding economics without understanding philosophy. Properly defining ethics and morals, using deductive logic, the author applies economic laws to political organizations and identifies various psychological effects that result. To top it off, a recommended reading list is provided which is designed to progressively increase the reader’s knowledge. This book is succinct, enjoyable, and hard-hitting. Michael has incorporated philosophy, economics, and psychology, accomplishing what no other has. This book is a must for anyone who desires the truth.

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“The Happiness Triangle” by Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

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Growing up in a world of antique book stores with antiquarian as mentors; terminally ill Professor Erasmus Cromwell-Smith takes his students back in time to the years of his youth, on a magical journey of discovery, filled with life lessons. Along the way, together they visit, with poetry as their magic carpet, the land of dreams, hope, inspiration, and happiness, among others.

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“The 333 Plan” by Belinda White

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This book explores our inner power to heal ourselves, attract positive situations, and create the life of our dreams. It will bring spirituality into your home and give you useful ideas to apply present moment awareness to everyday tasks such as housework, parenting, work, relationships, and time management.

The 333 plan provides ideas to help alleviate conflict and unconsciousness as you become more connected to source awareness.

As you become more aware, this book will help you to let go of your need to control your life and the people in it.

It is a book you can keep returning to for calming, practical information. Each chapter deals with issues relevant to your life, such as your body, pain, and home.

It is a quest for enlightenment in a modern world, starting with you.

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“Breaking Bipolar: Break the Hold Bipolar Disorder Has over Your Life” by Troy Steven

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Breaking Bipolar is an empowering self-help book with clear, detailed instructions on how to create a powerful battle plan to BREAK the hold bipolar disorder has on your life, and eliminate bipolar episodes for good.

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“Hugo Duchamp Investigates” by G N Hetherington

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Hugo Duchamp, a Frenchman living and working as a policeman in London, is about to have his world turned upside down. Called upon to return to his native country where he has not been for over a decade, Hugo finds himself embroiled in the murder of a child and a town ripe with corruption. Warned not to investigate the first murder, he soon has no choice when a second child is murdered. The first in a new series of exciting adventures with a very modern and different hero.

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“Grimm Up North” by David J. Gatward

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Edinburgh has Rebus.

The Highlands have Logan.

Now Yorkshire has Grimm….

Welcome to Wensleydale, where the cheese is famous, the scenery beautiful, and the locals have murder on their minds….

Detective Chief Inspector Harry Grimm is forced to take leave from Bristol’s Major Investigations Team when his boss, tired of Harry chasing the ghost of his murderous father, sends him north on secondment.

Used to city life and high stress, Harry fears his life will now be spent handing out speeding tickets, finding lost sheep, and directing tourists. But when a local teenager runs away, Harry finds himself pulled into an investigation much worse than anyone could have ever expected.

The nicer the place, the darker the secrets. Wensleydale is beautiful, everyone is friendly and welcoming, and people just don’t get murdered…do they?

A classic fish-out-of-water crime mystery set in the stunning and evocative scenery of Wensleydale in North Yorkshire.

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“CDL Minded Entrepreneur” by Joe Ryder 

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How to step out of the mindset of a typical employee who follows his boss’s orders, and start to think like an ambition-driven entrepreneur
How to shape your CDL business to fit your goals and dreams, especially if you’re looking to work less…but earn more money
The three most important lifestyle habits for success, including easy techniques to develop and incorporate into your daily routine
The GAME plan for your business: a simple concept CDL millionaires use that produces surprisingly powerful results
Business logistics from A to Z: find out how to register your company, create financial plans, and market your business
How to make your business work for you to provide you with more money than you’ve ever earned, while having more freedom than you ever thought possible
Professional strategies for maximizing the security of your business and making sure you never hit a bump on a road
The changes and challenges in the CDL industry, including a guide through tax laws and regulations, as well as vehicles and other equipment
Helpful templates for business plans and budget calculations, to help you make a great start towards your financial and personal freedom

Free Action Plan Workbook included!

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“Buck-Naked & Blessed” by Ukay J. Ekong

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Having spent his childhood in a low-income household of North Dallas and being a subject of bullying in high school, Ukay has a goal set to uplift, educate, and empower the fearful, the weaker, and the forgotten through his inspiring self-help books, online courses, lectures, and training.

Ukay has a gift of expression, and as an author, he aspires to use this gift to propel and push forward conversations related to physical and mental health to the next level. He is hopeful that one day, the name Ukay J. Ekong will become synonymous with “peace of mind”.

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“Dismas – The Penitent Thief: An Introduction” by Mark Thomas Jones

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The events of the Crucifixion continue to fascinate biblical scholars and artists alike. Amongst the drama of that momentous day was a humble request and the reply that it received, an incident that manages to crystalize something of the essence of Christianity.

Dismas – The Penitent Thief: An Introduction seeks to explore what is known of the individual who made that request and discover his story, his significance, and how he continues to inspire others, especially those involved in prison ministry and outreach programs. If you have ever been curious and had questions about those who were crucified along with Jesus Christ, some of the answers are to be found here. So often we set great store by the ephemeral yet neglect the eternal. Here is an opportunity to find out how one whose life had fallen well short of the ideal became the focus of supreme love.

The story of the penitent thief (known to many as Saint Dismas) and the Crucifixion poses questions that deserve to be asked, and should set us thinking about our own journey of faith. Maybe this book will encourage us to look, as well as see, and cause us to question differently, and hopefully allow us to start to see majesty in the margins. The subject of this book is an individual who is so much more than a bit player in the Crucifixion of Jesus; he is someone who can serve as a reminder that no one is beyond God’s grace.

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“There Are No Innocents” by B.R. Stateham

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Detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are at it again. Two cases, unrelated, which are not the typical run-of-the-mill homicides. One case involves a very rich lawyer found dead in his car. The car is sitting in its assigned parking slot in a parking garage. And from the looks of it, the shooter had to be floating above the car somehow when he pulled the trigger.

The second case is out of the dead files. An unsolved disappearance of a 15-year-old girl. Abducted from out of her home. Never found. Never seen again. Until her 30-year-old body is pulled out of a river with no apparent signs of foul play visible. Is it murder? Or suicide? That’s what Turner and Frank have to decide.

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“Poetry in Equilibrium: The Equilibrist Series, Vol. 4” by Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

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This fourth and final volume of The Equilibrist series is a compilation of all poems, essays, and fables of the first three books. A precious craft of artful verses that are straightforward easy to understand. Through art that speaks to all, the author seeks to elicit emotions while provoking reflection.

With verses that jump with ease out of the book, enrapturing anyone’s heart, Cromwell-Smith tackles a full circle of life with subjects like hope, inspiration, self-reliance, true love, the happiness formula, optimism, faith, gratitude, the importance of the small details in life, doubt, duality, virtue, forgiveness, adversity, curiosity, resilience, coherence, decisions, convergence, geniality, and joy, among others.

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“Hypnosis Therapy: 5 books in 1” by Ashley Harrison

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Are you looking to stop excessive weight gain and overthinking, sleep better, improve your self-esteem, and turn your life around for good by leveraging the powerful strategies that have proven effective time and time again?

This 5-in-1 book will turn your life around by teaching you practical strategies to help you handle and overcome these issues for good!

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How self-hypnosis helps in boosting self-esteem
  • How to confront your emotional pain, and let it go, in simple steps
  • How to clear your mind and stop overthinking
  • How to meditate and overcome worry and anxiety
  • The positive habits you can adopt to feel better
  • How your mind and body affect your weight
  • How to practice self-hypnosis to lose weight
  • How to practice weight-loss affirmations
  • What sleep really is, how it works, and why it’s important
  • How you can achieve deep sleep through hypnosis
  • How to relax your body and brain
  • How to perform guided meditation to sleep better
  • Bedtime stories that you can use as an adult to sleep better

Yes, even if you feel trapped in an endless cycle that you never seem to get off – whether related to low self-esteem, overthinking, chronic weight gain, or lack of sleep – there is hope to turn things around!

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“Calamity and Retribution” by Rowan Grey

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Life will never be the same!

James Callaghan, a law abiding citizen, a loving and devoted father. The epitome of a family man and a true gentleman. His beautiful wife Clara and children, his son Jake and daughter Cassie – the jewels in his crown.

When James Callaghan’s life takes a devastating dive, he finds himself living hell on earth. Apart from a speeding ticket as a young man, he’d never broken any laws. He’d been a strong believer in always being the best of humanity, choosing good, right and kind…but every man has his line!

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Voices” by Paul Hikari

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An observant fighter-in-training and his aged master. A paladin on a journey to light the world’s darkest hour. Two bickering siblings who debate the worth of a travelling companion. An engineering prodigy pursuing his life’s greatest work. A resistance leader out to stop the looming shadow of an otherworldly evil. A serial killer haunted by nightmares of his mad deeds of revenge.

These stories and others intertwine in a great struggle against an all-consuming empire and its floating citadel. Together, whether they know their importance or not, the parties involved must make their stand in order to save their world from total ruination.

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“The Art of Self-Discipline: How to Stand out From the Crowd Through the Cultivation of Essential Character and Habits that Lead to Success” by  Lord Badu and Chris Ramsey

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Most people find it easy to start out on their goals but find it difficult to finish and follow through. Chasing big dreams is more like running a marathon than a sprint. It is the ability to muster daily self-discipline and not momentary bursts of energy that determine whether one achieves his goal. The key to building success in any field is mastering the art of self-discipline. All winners and successful individuals are experts in self-discipline.

The Art of Self-discipline is about how to stand out from the crowd through the cultivation of essential character and habits that lead to success. While others advocate for quick-fix and shortcuts, the true kind of success that lasts and that brings meaningful fulfillment only stems from the complete personal transformation that starts from within. The book explores timeless principles that are brought to life with easy-to-follow strategies that readers can immediately apply in their lives.

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“A Temple of Forgotten Spirits: The Complete Adventures of Jack Hong” by William F. Wu

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A young guy named Jack Hong hitchhikes throughout America following the keilin, a mystical unicorn out of Chinese mythology. The keilin leads him to ten adventures with ghosts and other supernatural figures. These experiences reveal to him not only parts of American history he never knew, but also his own identity and the role he will choose for his life.

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“Reclaim Your Visibility: A Straightforward Guide for Black Fathers to Improve Themselves and Their Relationships with Their Children” by Dr. Carl Stokes Jr.

“I paid for sneakers when I should have paid attention….”

A thoughtful, yet direct, guide for Black fathers who want to improve their relationships with their children.
Carl Stokes intertwines his own successes and failures as a young Black father with 12 easy steps to help you overcome your struggles and prioritize the things that matter most.
Stokes presents these topics in a reassuring way and teaches a critical message—mistakes do not define you. And when relationships seem broken, they can be repaired.
Once you take this journey and implement these steps, your pathway through fatherhood will become clear—and you’ll have the tools necessary for building healthy bonds with your children.

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“Elder Blood: A Story of Ancient Prophecies and Political Conspiracies” by E. A. Setser 

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Everyone has their secrets.

In Berinin, a new Chieftain Heir is born, but only his grandfather and a child from ArcNos know the truth of his birth. In Ferya, a denial of paternity fractures a family. In Ivaria, the plight of an orphan motivates his adoptive father to seek a child of his own blood.

These four children – MeiLom of ArcNos, Galo of Berinin, Eytea of Ferya, and Vielle of Ivaria – are part of a long-forgotten line of hominids called Hybrids.

Soon after, an ArcNosian soldier walks into the clutches and care of a shadow group with technology paling all of Ouristihra. Thus begins his rise to power, flanked by The Avatars of Fate as they preach the doctrine of The Epimetheus Trial.

With their hands firmly in the Northland powerhouse, The Avatars’ focus is twofold. Topple the rest of the continent. And eradicate the Hybrids.

Derelicts, rebels, and refugees come together to overthrow the new power structure and drive out The Avatars. Nobody knows where they came from or what they’re ultimately after. But one thing is certain.

“We need to operate under the assumption that nobody is coming to our rescue.”

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“Kat Doggers: Superspy: Kat Doggers Series, Book 1” by Austin Stack

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Top secret: spy eyes only!

Kat Doggers is more than an ordinary house cat. She’s also a secret agent of FUR, the feline spy team that protects the world from evil genius snails, master criminal fish, and the red dot of doom.

Kat is ready for her first day on the job, but instead of an easy assignment, she accidentally ends up on a super-important special mission with two of FUR’s best agents. When the mission goes terribly wrong and her team gets captured, will Kat be able to save the day all on her own?

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“The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers” by Dennis Macy

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Are you curious about the afterlife? Dennis Macy has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the heavenly realm. Become inspired as Macy takes you into the angelic realm with his visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to him. The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening. Engulf yourself into The Angelic Realm for a peaceful mystifying read. It will provide comfort, hope and inspiration!

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“All His Works: On the Eighth Day” by Ainny Klover

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All His Works: On the Eighth Day by Ainny Klover, is an original and stylish audiobook that uniquely merges a suspense-filled crime story with a soulful soundtrack, all written by Ainny.

Alex Bryn, a retired successful musician, is now a small-time music critic, who receives an unexpected call from a police inspector investigating the ominous death of his former flame. Shaken, Alex finds himself in a jazz bar watching an impossible out-of-time show performed by Ciara, his dead ex-lover. Did the performance really take place or was it a figment of Alex’s imagination?

With outstanding effect, All His Works: On the Eighth Day has a thrilling storyline and a creative theatrical backdrop that will keep listeners tuned in until the dramatic end note.

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A Reason to Be” by Norman McCombs

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An epic tale beginning in 15th-century Scotland and flowing through time to modern-day New York, A Reason to Be is a tale of loss, hope, and the transcendent power of the love that bind us to one another.

Douglas McCombs is an accomplished engineer and recent widower driven to discover the truth of who he is by studying the people and places he comes from. After losing his wife to a battle with Alzheimer’s, Douglas is left devastated until a chance encounter with a sharp, compassionate librarian named Suzy Hamilton on the steps of the New York Public Library shakes him from the throes of grief.

With Suzy’s help, Douglas takes up genealogy and begins an investigation into his Scottish lineage that takes the listener on a sprawling journey through time and the remarkable lives of Douglas’ ancestors – from legendary highland clan chiefs and American war generals to humble farmers and family men. As he traces his ancestry through the generations, Douglas manages to discover not only the roots he was searching for but also a brand-new reason to be.

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“Bedtime Stories for Adults” by Dorothy Goodwin

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Would you like to get to sleep more easily so you can face the stress and pressures that life has to offer?

More and more adults in today’s world are finding it more difficult to adjust to a healthy nightly routine that will allow them to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and to slip peacefully into a recuperative and healthy sleep cycle. Because of this, more and more solutions are flooding into the market to help people with these afflictions, but few have proven to be as effective as meditation. Research tells us that meditating for even just a little while before bed each night allows us to relax in ways we’ve never experienced.

With stress about bills, deadlines, work, relationships, and so much more bearing down on the average adult, there’s no wonder why it’s hard to let go and drift off peacefully. With the tales and meditations in this book, you’re given something peaceful and engaging for your mind to latch onto, making it easier for those daily pressures to fall away. As you read these tales and follow these methods, you will find it much easier to relax, to fall asleep, and to stay that way over time.

In this book, you will find:

  • Engaging tales that will allow you to leave stress behind for the night
  • Tools you can really use to help you to get the most out of your sleep
  • Healing techniques for your mind that engage, nourish, and entertain
  • Short stories that can be digested quickly and easily so your sleep schedule is accommodated
  • Self-hypnosis that will help you to make the changes you need and want in your life
  • So much more!

Stop letting the stress of your day keep you awake at night. That stress and the lack of sleep is what’s keeping you from really getting the hang of life and living it to the fullest. Take control and allow yourself to get the good night’s sleep that you need and deserve!

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“Second Star: A Neverland Novella” by Bree Moore

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All children, except one, grow up…

Two years after her flight to Neverland, Wendy Darling pretends that Neverland doesn’t exist. She claims that she never knew a boy named Peter Pan. And most devastating of all, she starts to grow up. That is, until Tinkerbell shows up in Wendy’s bedroom, asking her to return to Neverland.

Wendy leaps from her window and follows the stars a second time, only to discover the lost boys are drunken teenagers, the Jolly Roger has a new captain, and Peter Pan wants her to give him the one thing that has the power to destroy Neverland for good: a kiss.

Wendy must decide whether she would rather die with Neverland or come to terms with growing up before the last fairy falls.

Embark on the great adventure again with Peter Pan and Wendy in this epic retold sequel to the classic by James Barrie. For those who enjoyed Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

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“Cornell Archaeological Mystery Collection” by Bradford G. Wheler

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This audiobook is a three-in-one collection of Cornell Archaeology Professor Rob Johnson in the archaeological mystery thrillers Inca’s Death CaveMongolia and the Golden Eagle, and The Zulu Curse.

Inca’s Death Cave (an archaeological mystery thriller)

Adventure, archaeology, technology, and mystery mix to form a breathtaking action-packed tale.

A 500-year-old puzzle catapults an archaeology professor and his brilliant grad student into the adventure of a lifetime in Inca’s Death Cave, a new mystery thriller from author Bradford G. Wheler.

What happened to a band of Inca rebels who journeyed north in Peru to seek the fabled cave of the true gods – and escape the disease and destruction brought by Spanish conquistadors? They were never heard from again.

Did they just melt back into their villages, or was something more sinister involved? What trace or treasure did they leave behind?

The ingenious plot of this thriller is full of twists and turns, excitement and adventure, archaeology and technology. Listeners will meet fascinating characters they’ll never forget: a high-tech billionaire, a quick-witted professor, his beautiful young student, and her still-tough grandfather, a retired Marine gunny sergeant.

Cornell University professor Robert Johnson and his star PhD student are hired by a billionaire entrepreneur to solve a 500-year-old archaeology mystery in northern Peru. But first, they will have to survive corporate skullduggery and drug lord thuggery.

And why, 6,700 miles away in Vatican City, is the old guard so upset? What dark secrets could centuries-old manuscripts hold?

This assiduously researched, fast-paced novel brings the Incas and their ancestors to life against the backdrop of the Peruvian Andes.

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“Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming Your Book” by Scott Lorenz

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Authors- Want the Proven System For Finding a Title That Sells Your Book?

Nobody buys a book unless they’re first attracted by the title and cover. If the title doesn’t grab them it’s game over.

That’s why Book Publicist Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing created a strategy for naming your book that’ll get the attention of potential buyers. Don’t name your book until you’ve read Book Title Generator.

Using the latest methods of getting a book ranked on search engines and in Amazon, Lorenz lays out a plan to help you get the right title for your book. Lorenz asks authors to consider all options in the quest for the perfect book title. From using numbers, alliteration, idioms, and keyword research, Book Title Generator covers them all.

Many famous books we all know today started out with dreadful titles. Learn why when a title was changed their book sales took off! As a Book Publicist Scott Lorenz has helped title hundreds of books and promoted hundreds more. He’s a student of book titles and shares his nearly three decades of book marketing experience with authors in this book.

Book Title Generator is designed to help authors and publishers spark the idea to lead them to the perfect book title. It’s the surefire way to find your winning title.

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Mindful Eating For Lasting Weight-Loss” by  Simone E. Clark

Diets don’t work for weight loss. Mindful eating does. Find out how, and get started right away.

It is estimated that 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, yet most of those who manage to lose weight regain it in a matter of years.

The diet industry thrives on our desire to lose weight, but ultimately, it does more to trim our finances than it does to trim our waistlines.

The truth is that the more we diet, the more out of touch we become with our bodies.

Every second we’re counting calories or banning food groups from our plates, we become less aware of what our body truly needs. And the irony is, it is only when we know what our body needs that we can lose weight in a realistic and sustainable way.

So if diets don’t work; if calorie counting is a waste of time, how will we ever manage to reach our goal weight?

The answer is mindful eating.

This has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years, but that’s no reason to dismiss it. Mindful eating is the simple concept of being aware of what you’re eating and its relationship to your body, and it can change your whole world.

Simply by understanding the mind-body connection and learning to differentiate between what you need and what you want, you can see serious health benefits and lose the extra weight for good–without ever going on a diet again.

In Mindful Eating for Lasting Weight Loss, you’ll learn how to use mindful eating to achieve a balanced relationship with food.

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Crazy Love: Adrenaline, Book 1” by Callie Bardot

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Skilled “tiger whisperer” Kennedy Swift is on a mission to get her life on track and escape the people who want to do her harm. Running into Dante Vega isn’t on the plan. When her gaze lands on Dante, the same obsession and longing she experienced in her senior year comes roaring back to life. She simply can’t afford to let him in. End of story.

An unexpected, surprise encounter at a tiger sanctuary in the Bronx leaves mega-superstar musician Dante Vega reeling. Is the tiger charging the woman going to maul her? Is she about to lose her life? And, could this very courageous woman be the same girl he crushed on hard at his exclusive private Manhattan high school before she vanished?

Each of their lives has been marred by tragedy. Each carries secrets, too dark to reveal. Will their secrets tear them apart? Or, will they find the courage to come clean, risking all to find love? Find out in Crazy Love: A Rock Star Romance by NY Times best-selling Author Calinda B.

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“Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler’s Tales” by Linda Ballou

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Awaken your senses with thrilling tales of an intrepid soul in her search for beauty in the wilds. Linda Ballou embraces life and draws readers into her adventures with vivid descriptions that make you feel you are traveling along side her. She brings an intelligent meditation on nature in richly detailed, often poetic stories. Linda takes the listener out of their armchair and into the vast world as few travel writers can. If you like adrenaline pumping adventure without lifting a muscle, or tipping your canoe you will love this book.

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Financial Literacy” by  Shaun M. Durrant

How to Gain Financial Intelligence, Financial Peace and Financial Independence.: A Guide to Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties.

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Financial Illiteracy Is Costing You More Than $35,000. Here’s How to Change That:

Did you know that the average millennial in the US is $36,000 in debt?

Sound familiar?

You’ve just gotten out of college and you’re overwhelmed by student loan payments. Not only that, an entry-level job is keeping you from earning the money that would support the lifestyle you desire.

So, what can you do about it?

Is there any way to gain financial stability as early as in your 20s or 30s?

Of course there is! And the answer happens to be a whole lot simpler than what you may imagine when thinking of saving and investing.

For a start, you need to get out of debt asap.

The longer you remain a part of the vicious cycle, the more difficult it is to get out of the debt swamp.

You can be debt-free in your late 20s. To accomplish this goal, however, you’ll need to do some financial growing up.

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“Forbidden: A Novel Set in Medieval England” by C De Melo, Narrated by Kyle James Higgins

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The only clue to Nicodemus’ past is the ruby crucifix found in his swaddling clothes when he was abandoned at a monastery. The boy grows up to become a fierce Templar who fights for God, but the gruesome carnage of battle weighs heavily upon his conscience. His faith is further tested by Gweneth, the woman who haunts his thoughts and stirs forbidden desires.

Set in 12th-century England, Forbidden is a compelling tale of sibling rivalry, greed, deception, and a knight’s honor.

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Free with Trial

“Keto Diet Hypnosis” by Alternative Medicine and Hypnosis Management Academy

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The gastric band hypnosis session is narrated by a professional hypnotherapist. The narrated book (Tanzeela Bashir) has a degree in psychology.

If you are looking to lose some weight, then this amazing bundle (three books in one) is perfect for you!

Discover the secret to successful and quick weight loss! Deal with your food addiction, put a stop to your mood disorders, master your emotions, and much more!

Are you looking for a new diet or a change in lifestyle to improve your overall wellbeing?

Are you unsuccessfully trying to lose some weight because you don’t have the right mindset?

Would you like to create unique meal plans that will improve your health and put a stop to your food addiction?

A lot of people wish to change their eating habits and lose weight. For most of them, the problem isn’t deciding to go on a diet, but not having the strength and the right mindset to stick to it. It might seem difficult to change your lifestyle and diet, but given enough time and effort, everything becomes possible. The best thing is, it doesn’t have to be hard at all!

The books contain terms and exercises that will help you rewire your brain and get you started on a keto diet. Keto diet hypnosis is an effective, safe, and easy way to lose weight!

Here’s what you can learn:


  • How to successfully deal with your negative eating habits
  • Discover how to stick with your keto diet, and experience results long-term.
  • Tips and tricks that will help with your food addiction and mood disorders
  • Dozens of delicious keto low-carb recipes that your friends and family will love
  • Try a special four-week keto meal plan, and witness its results quickly.
  • And much more!

This bundle includes a bonus 30 minute gastric band hypnosis session that will benefit your diet completely!

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

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“Self-Esteem: The Teen Girl’s Journey to Self-Worth, Body Image, Mr. Right, and Being Your Whole You: Your Whole You Series, Book 1” by Meagan Trayler

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Ever feel like you’re not good enough?

Your self-esteem affects you every day, even when you don’t realize it. It affects whether or not you make smart decisions, how you approach relationships, how well you do in school or at work, how you talk to yourself, and your overall happiness. A healthy self-esteem is vital to living a healthy, balanced, purposeful life. And yet, many people struggle with it, especially girls. Many girls feel that they’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough. They feel defeated and lack confidence.

This book is written for girls with just those struggles. Self-Esteem: The Teen Girl’s Journey to Self-Worth, Body Image, Mr. Right, and Being Your Whole You is the story of one girl’s journey from a defeated, desperate teen with low self-esteem to a healthy, whole person as a young adult. It takes you through the nitty gritty of self-worth, beauty, guys, fear, and negative self-talk. A workbook, fun lists, and quotes are included to give insight and personal application. Practical advice and encouragement is on every page to propel you on your journey to a healthy self-esteem!

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“Stripped” by Tarrah Anders

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Acceptance. Trust. Confidence.

Malcolm and Beck first met by a car accident, then he collides into her life, and Beck never expected him. Malcolm looks vaguely familiar, but Beck can’t place him right away. At her best friend’s bachelorette party, they go to one of the hottest male revue clubs on the Las Vegas strip, and suddenly, there is Malcolm on stage about to take off his pants, when he zeroes in on her.

After the show, Beck’s best friend drunkenly invites him to her wedding, and Beck reluctantly agrees to take him as her date. Slowly, she starts to warm up to the idea of a relationship with him, but her insecurities begin to take hold.

She never expected him to be a male stripper…er…dancer. Can Malcom lap-dance his way into Beck’s heart? Can Beck accept that his job is just that – a job, and he is a one-woman man. She has learn to trust that he does not want to take home any women from the audience as they grab him during his shows.

Can Beck find the confidence she needs to beat the green-eyed monster when jealousy rears it’s ugly head? She will have to take a chance to find out.

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“Activities for kids 2 in 1 bundle: A collection of mindfulness activities which develop children’s creativity, thinking and social skills” by Tracy Lambert 

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“The -Activities for kids Book Bundle- is a collection of games and activities which will help your kids reach their potential. Because it introduces your child to mindfulness, creativity, and compassion treating the subject with kindness and patience, the bundle is a wonderful parenting book dedicated to making life easier for you while focusing on your child’s development, intelligence, and skills. The activities from this book are designed to not only improve your child’s emotional results and intelligence but also give you and your kid a wonderful time, learning new skills, improving personality traits while having fun together as a family. The -Activities for kids- Book Bundle will help you and your child focus and improve: Dealing with emotions like anger, frustration, impatience or anxiety while promoting compassion and kindness
Listening, learning and understanding, improving creativity, craftsmanship, and skills
Eating disorders, mindless eating and reaching discipline and self-control”

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“Mindfulness for Stress Management” by James L. Thomas

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You are a click away from learning how to leverage the power of mindfulness to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression to live a happier, more fulfilling life!

Are you constantly on the edge? Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and stress? Has the elevated levels of stress led to depression and other negative effects? Would you love to do something about managing your stress levels to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life?

If you’ve answered yes, then keep on reading…

The thing about stress is that our body needs it to function effectively, as the stress response enables our body to respond to any danger we may experience. The challenge comes when we are always anxious, stressed, and depressed. Life feels like one endless roller-coaster ride. I mean, a roller-coaster ride is great, but only when it doesn’t take all day!

If that has been your life, today is your lucky day, as you are about to learn how to get off the roller coaster that never stops, by leveraging the power of mindfulness to slow down, stop being on edge, unplug from negative thoughts that just never stop, and much more.

So, what exactly is mindfulness? How is it even possible to practice mindfulness in our current fast-paced society? Can practicing mindfulness really manage stress – how exactly does mindfulness help with stress, anxiety and depression? How can I practice mindfulness for stress management? How do you enhance the effectiveness of your meditation sessions for better results?

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“Severus: The Black Caesar” by Steve Exeter

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SEVERUS: The Black Caesar follows the amazing true story of a rebellious boy who grew up in an African province and became the first Black Caesar of the Roman Empire, the head of a dynasty that would lead Rome through bloody civil wars and rapidly changing times. As a young man, Severus hates the Romans and conspires to humiliate them. What begins as a childish prank unfurls into a bloodbath that sends Severus careening into his future. Through a tragic love affair, dangerously close battles and threats both internal and external, Severus accrues power — and enemies — in his unlikely rise to become the most powerful man in the ancient world.

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“Electus: Bloodlines” by Brandon Blair

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After a tragic summer filled with loss, Jared begins having nightmares of murder. He becomes terrified as he begins to realize his nightmares are coming true. He enlists the help of his best friend Ryder to try and solve the murders. As the truth becomes unraveled, they find themselves introduced to the world of demons and the supernatural.

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“Law of Attraction Mastery” by Gia George, Better Mindfulness Meditation

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“If you think something will go wrong, it will go wrong”.

You might have heard people say that. Today it’s time to turn that idea upside down and help you understand that if you think something will go right, it will go right. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are quite literally the building blocks of your entire life. If you think positive, positive things will happen to you. If you think negative…well, you get the idea.

This might sound like a simplistic version of the law of attraction, but professional athletes, CEOs, thought leaders, and other top performers throughout history have learned to attract wealth, abundance, and financial freedom by changing their mindset through manifesting.

These manifesting meditations will enable you to:

  • Manifest your ideal life
  • Learn how to use the law of attraction to your advantage
  • Nurture positive thoughts that will reprogram your brain towards success

Why choose this law of attraction mastery audiobook?

Because you want to pursue your ideal life and chase your dreams. You want to visualize a better life and then have the strength to build that life, day by day. Manifesting your dreams and adopting a positive mindset will not only set you free from the chains of negativity, but also attract happiness, wealth and abundance.

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“Manifesting Meditations” by Gia George

Play Sample

Take A Quick Look Around You. 

Chances are you’re reading this on your cellphone, tablet, or some kind of screen. If you try hard enough, you will be able to see your own reflection. Now it’s time to ask yourself a couple of hard questions.

Is this the best version of your life? Is this what you had in mind when you were planning for your dream life?

Have You Achieved Your Goals? 

It’s OK if the answer is “No”. You need to be honest with yourself. After all, there’s still a lot of time to turn things around.

Have you ever wondered how the Law of Attraction really works?

Your thoughts, actions, and beliefs attract positive and negative thoughts, actions, and beliefs. If negative thoughts are keeping you up at night, don’t be surprised if you constantly find yourself in negative situations. The same goes for people who achieve more in life. They have a positive mindset and life returns the favor.

These guided meditations will allow you to:

  • Learn More About The Law Of Attraction & How It Can Affect Your Life
  • Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts That Attract More Negativity
  • Create Your Ideal Life By Manifesting Love, Happiness, And Healing

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This audiobook Body and Mind Self-Healing Techniques will enlighten you and guide you to cool your body, free your mind, relieve deep fear, and improve job focus.

Most of us are not new to health problems, sickness, or suffering, but what if there is a cure that does not require drugs, surgeries or other medical procedures for our well-being? Okay, it is there, and in your own body, you will find it. That is right! Your body has an interconnected capacity for self-healing, an exceptional self-repair system that works day by day and strengthens your ability for a cure. Nevertheless, most people fail to grasp the incredible power of the body to cure it, mainly because traditional medicine has made us think that well-being originates from the outside, not from within. For e.g., did you know that some 50 percent of all diseases would eventually heal themselves if left alone?

If you want to get in sync with your body every day, your chance against all kinds of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, asthma, allergies, colds, late-winter cold, etc. will be rewarded. You have the ability to be safe and remain healthy, as your recovery comes from inside. This is all and more that the strength of self-healing will help you to do!

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