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Featured AudioBooks

“Peaks of Power: Beginnings” by Paul Campbell Jr.

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Power is everything. In the world of gaming it isn’t just everything it’s a way of life. Ryan and his best friend Dimitri are prime examples of such things as they take their experiences from reality to virtual reality in order to challenge the next and new level of the all knowing question. How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to peer over the peaks of power?

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“La maga desprevenida: Magia de la naturaleza nº 1” by Marlene Beer

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El inicio de una serie apasionante para adolescentes, a partir de 14 años, y adultos jóvenes.

En un pequeño pueblo medieval vive Arah, de 13 años, quien crece bajo la protección de un sacerdote de buen corazón. A la niña le encantan los libros por sobre todo y a menudo se retira a su propio mundo de sueños. En un día caluroso llega una visita misteriosa a la pequeña alea: un exorcista que viaja en nombre de la iglesia en busca de brujas y magos ocultos. Aunque a Arah le gusta fantasear con la magia y desea tener poderes mágicos, en lo profundo de su corazón solo puede escuchar las palabras del exorcista con sospecha. Cuando, de repente, se la acusa de ser una bruja, siente que es hora de huir. La niña aún no sabe que las acusaciones del exorcista son ciertas. Solo cuando Arah se encuentra con la magia real en forma de magos y brujas verdaderos, así como de bestias mágicas, empieza a darse cuenta de quién es ella realmente y de dónde viene. Todo lo que pensó que sabía sobre magia, magos, dragones y poderes místicos resultará ser completamente falso….

A la joven le espera un viaje lleno de emoción y peligro, durante el cual no solo finalmente descubre quiénes son sus padres, sino que también los encuentra por primera vez.
Un emocionante libro de fantasía para preadolescentes, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes.

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“Kahlil Gibran Classics Collection with a Historical Introduction: The Prophet, The Madman, and The Forerunner” by Kahlil Gibran

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Unique to this collection is:

  • A historical introduction to the author, his work and his life
  • A List of recurring themes appearing in his works
  • A list of best famous quotes from his works

You may, of course, skip all of it and go straight to the titles if you do not want any spoilers and come back later to the beginning.

Educated in Lebanon, United States, and France, Gibran was influenced by the European modernists of the late 19th century, but even more by Francis Marrash, who introduced poetic prose and prose poetry in the Arab world. Gibran’s style of writing and ideas he wrote about are believed to have been greatly influenced by Marrash, particularly the concept of universal love.

Gibran’s early work was based on short stories, poems, and prose poems, and the recurring theme of his work was the experiences and loneliness of Middle Eastern immigrants in the New World. He also studied art in Paris, and most of his books are illustrated with his own drawings. His legacy includes more than 700 paintings and drawings, which are kept in the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, as well as in the Gibran Museum in Lebanon.

He published 35 books of prose and poetry, the best known of which are: The ProphetThe Madman, and The Forerunner.

The books in this collection include The ProphetThe Madman, and The Forerunner.

Enjoy these timeless classics!

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Your Favorite Billionaire Romances – Now in Audio Format

Love to listen to audio books?  Wonderful!

Now you can listen to your heart’s content as I churn out new audio books each month.  Just be sure to check my blog for weekly updates (I’ll produce multiple books each month).
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