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Featured AudioBooks

“Unlimited Positive Affirmations: 800+ Powerful Daily Affirmations Designed to Bring You Success, Abundance, Wealth, Good Health and Prosperity” by Annette Chanson

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Do you want to transform your life? Change your negative thoughts and beliefs? And Attract success, wealth, health and abundance? 
The truth is we all experience negative thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs! But if you always struggle to feel good and attract the amazing things that life has to offer, then you need to examine how these negative thoughts and beliefs are impacting your life.
The solution is to practice specific, yet simple affirmations that will give you a new profound perspective about yourself and the world around you. With these powerful affirmations you will have the power to take charge your life and refuse to be oppressed by the conditioned negativity in your mind that takes you away from your full potential and goals.

You will learn:
• The basics of affirmations
• How to Correctly use Affirmations
• The main reason behind why affirmations work for some and not others
• The keys to success with Affirmations
• The simple yet effective steps to making affirmations a habit
• The most powerful words in the English language
• How to attain the right vibrational frequency

Ultimate Positive Affirmations contains over 800 powerful, scientifically engineered affirmations that are designed to change your mindset to attract success, abundance, wealth, good health and prosperity.
Even if you have never heard of, believed in, or practiced affirmations in your life, you can experience the amazing transformation of your life in just 21 days.

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“Alexander Turtle III” by Sylvester Murray

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A children’s story about being born and the challenge of staying alive and facing ridicule and pain and sadness and finally triumph. It is seen and felt through the eyes of a turtle. 

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“HYPO: The Complete Story” by  DL Jones

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Chauncy and Tre were childhood friends. Tre, who works for a pharmaceutical company, is in town on business. Chauncy hadn’t seen Tre since college and decides they should catch up. After picking Tre up from the airport, they are ambushed and kidnapped. Held hostage in an old, abandoned house. With hopes of escape, Tre and Chauncy use an experimental drug from Tre’s company that gives them extraordinary physical abilities. 

After using Hypo, Chauncy finds out there are side effects. Those side effects come into play once he finds out about a secret his wife, Becca, had been keeping from him. Tre shows up to solve the problem, but things aren’t as they would appear.

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“Helping Your Church Live Stream: How to Spread the Message of God with Live Streaming” by Paul Richards

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Inside this audiobook, you will find insights for ministry leaders who are considering the use of live streaming as an outreach tool for their church. This audiobook will help church leaders understand how they can leverage the power of live streaming as a visual bridge connecting your church to the world. After listening to this audio, you should be able to answer fundamental questions about why so many churches have adopted live-streaming technology.

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“Self-Value: The Story of Me” by Brandon Williams

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Self-Value: The Story of Me, is an eye-opening, poignant, often hilarious story that explores my twelve years of childhood homelessness, juvenile delinquency and success. My life story is about a mother and son in peril that finds serenity through their faith. In sharing my story, I highlight many problems society is faced with today such as domestic violence, illiteracy, bullying, low self-esteem, depression, and suicide. My story resonates with people fighting against those conditions and similar life experiences. This account of grand proportion has its fair share of humor, inspiration, suspense, betrayal, crime, sex and romance. 

I am a by-product of all that is least desired and overlooked. When I was seven, I was functioning as an adult. By the time I made twelve, I was on my own and raised myself from that time forward. I grew up in a low-income community and was homeless most of my childhood. I believe that practicing self-value can lead to life improvement. 

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“The Witch of Endor: Vampires” by RK Wheeler

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Lilith grew up seeing and speaking with the dead, although she did not realize they were dead until her parents asked her to whom she was speaking with. It was the magic that came later when she reached puberty. She could not control the magic in those early years, so her parents had to move from Nazareth to Endor. The move was not far enough though, for it was not long before the rumors started. 

A man walked through the doors of Lilith’s magic shop one day. He was different. He was not afraid of the spirits, and he had a rudimentary ability to use magic. Their nightly meetings turned into more than palm readings and magic practice. She fell for Lamech and was in love in his arms. Still doubts nagged at the back of her mind. Why had she never seen him by day, and why had she never seen him eat? He always had a good excuse.

Was it another woman? She had to find out, so she followed him one night before dawn. He entered a cave, and what she found there was not what she had ever imagined, and it would change her life forever.

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“Self Help for Men: Confidence, Assertiveness and Self-Esteem Training (3 in 1)” by John Adams

Use These Tools and Methods to Say NO more, to Stop Doubting and to Stop Always Being Mr. Nice Guy

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Do you have a hard time making decisions? Is it difficult for you to share your opinion in meetings at work? Do you normally do all the hard work but other extroverted people get the credit?

Then pay attention.

If you can answer “Yes” to two of the above questions, then you probably have a low self-esteem and a low level of confidence. This reflects in your assertiveness at work, at home, and life in general. You are probably investigating what you can do about it.

Stop searching further, you have come to the right place.

Here is a tiny fraction of what you will discover in Self Help for Men:

  • Five reasons why people, especially women, like confident men
  • How you can update your mind-set to get further in work and life in general
  • What the percolator effect means and what you should do against it
  • The importance of body language and assertiveness
  • The first and most important step to start with in your journey to increase your confidence
  • Thirteen examples how to say “No” in a respectful and assertive way
  • The number-one thing confident people avoid and six tips how to do it
  • The importance of body language and assertiveness
  • What oxytocin does in your body and how you can raise it
  • The way a great inventor looked at his failures, but more importantly, how this relates to your success and happiness
  • The six best NLP-based techniques you can use to improve your self-esteem and thus become an attractive husband
  • Four very effective tools to consistently change your thinking patterns and improve your confidence.
  • Step-by-step guide to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with good ones so you become a better version of yourself.
  • What can you learn from the famous ’70s movie Rocky regarding your confidence?
  • And much, much more.

You might wonder if listening to an audiobook can help you get a healthy self-esteem and level of confidence. Maybe you have read some other books that seemed good while reading, but after a few weeks, you fell back into your old habits.

Don’t worry. This audiobook is packed with exercises, techniques, and tools to improve your assertiveness, self-esteem, and level of confidence for the long run. This audiobook will encourage you to start working on your new self to greatly improve your chances of success.

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“Ripple versus Bitcoin” by Johan von Amsterdam

The battle of the cryptocurrencies

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Do want to diversify your Bitcoin investments in other cryptocurrencies? Do you want to invest (more) in Ripple and/or Bitcoin? Do you want to know where to start?

Do you want of an overview of the exchanges? Do you want an overview of the wallet types to store your new investment? Do you want to make an educated decision and investment?

Buy this audiobook now.

This audiobook will help you make a well-informed decision about whether you should invest (more) in Bitcoin, Ripple, or whatever cryptocurrency for that matter.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

  • History of both cryptocurrencies
  • The problems these cryptocurrencies were designed to solve
  • If they meet those promises in reality (speed, ease of use, safety, security)
  • A detailed description of the big exchanges where you can acquire Bitcoin and Ripple
  • A profound explanation of the different type of wallets to store your new investments and safety guidelines
  • And an overview of the different investment strategies you can follow

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“Self Esteem for Women” by Maria van Noord

Proven Techniques and Habits to Grow Your Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Confidence in Just 60 Days

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Do you want to stop your inner critic? Do you want to learn how to say “no” in a friendly and respectful way? Do you want to stop asking for approval all the time? Then keep reading….

Remember back in the day when you were still a girl and in school? You had a question, but you were waiting for the right moment to ask it. Time passed and passed, until it was too late. Or you just decided not to ask it all because you thought the other kids might think you were silly or stupid. 

Do you, as a grown-up woman, still need the approval of someone else to decide which restaurant to go to?

If you recognize this, it can be an indication of low self-esteem.

You might have convinced yourself that having low self-esteem is something you were born with. But did you know some very confident and famous women like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry were suffering from a low self-esteem once. They worked on it, and you can do the same.

Here is just an tiny fraction of what you will discover in Self Esteem for Women:

  • Which habits will constructively raise and maintain your confidence
  • Learn how to say “no” gracefully without feeling guilty
  • How to shut down your inner-critic and ignore it when it returns from time to time
  • That taking back control of your own life is easier than you imagined
  • How to set boundaries automatically after structural changes of your self-image

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“Invisible Martyrs: Inside the Secret World of Female Islamic Radicals” by Farhana Qazi

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Farhana Qazi draws on her background as a pioneering counterterrorism professional and a devout Muslim to offer an insider’s view of what drives girls and women to join radical Islamic movements, and identifies what America and the world community can do to keep them from making this terrible choice.


“Qazi brings hidden Islamic women into the light” No longer invisible, Qazi weaves stories about mothers, sisters, wives who become involved in Islamic extremism with her personal story about growing up Muslim in the United States. As she did with SECRETS OF THE KASHMIR VALLEY, she interviews women from a variety of backgrounds, finding women you’d never suspect of becoming an extremist. Some of her stories will break your heart. All of them will open your mind.

Qazi struggles with the reality that her peaceful religion has been co-opted in the name of unspeakable evil. Whether you are interested in gender bias, religious extremism, or terrorism, this is a must-read book. It’s message will stay with long after you’ve finished the last page, because the story is not finished. Let us hope for more studies from Qazi.~Betsy Ashton

“Must Read” Farhana is an amazing, inspirational woman that has done tremendous work throughout her career. She has struggled with understanding how her beautiful, peaceful religion of Islam could be distorted in ways that make both men and women commit horrendous acts of violence in the name of Allah. This book is a must read; it separates the real Islamic beliefs and values from the “Islamic” foundations being used by terrorists as justification for their repression and violence.~Sarah Tranquilli

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Conquering Your Stress & Fears: A Treatment Guide for Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders” by Gustavo Kinrys, M.D.

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When you realize that anxiety, stress, and even fear permeate every aspect of your life, you begin to wonder how you can eliminate these all-encompassing feelings. How can you reclaim those precious minutes of your life and become truly at peace with your mind? 

Conquering Your Stress and Fears by Dr. Gustavo Kinrys quickly and easily guides you through the various options for tackling these feelings naturally, before you turn to conventional medications and treatments. From the nuances of supplemental approaches such as herbs or vitamins, mindfulness meditation, and even emergent technologies, Dr. Kinrys’ guide tells you what you need to know about usage and dosing, providing detailed instructions in an easy-to-approach and practical guide to get you on the path to wellness.

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“The Limits of Power” by Andrew Bacevich

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The Limits of Power identifies a profound triple crisis facing America: the economy, in remarkable disarray, can no longer be fixed by relying on expansion abroad; the government, transformed by an imperial presidency, is a democracy in form only; U.S. involvement in endless wars, driven by a deep infatuation with military power, has been a catastrophe for the body politic. These pressing problems threaten all of us, Republicans and Democrats. If the nation is to solve its predicament, it will need the revival of a distinctly American approach: the neglected tradition of realism. Andrew J. Bacevich, uniquely respected across the political spectrum, offers a historical perspective on the illusions that have governed American policy since 1945. 

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“David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants” by Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell, the #1 bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, and What the Dog Saw, offers his most provocative—and dazzling—book yet.

Three thousand years ago on a battlefield in ancient Palestine, a shepherd boy felled a mighty warrior with nothing more than a stone and a sling, and ever since then the names of David and Goliath have stood for battles between underdogs and giants. David’s victory was improbable and miraculous. He shouldn’t have won. 

Or should he..

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“Dance With A Dragon”

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Game of Thrones: A New Original Series, Now on HBO:

Dubbed “the American Tolkien” by Time magazine, George R. R. Martin has earned international acclaim for his monumental cycle of epic fantasy. Now the #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers the fifth book in his landmark series—as both familiar faces and surprising new forces vie for a foothold in a fragmented empire.

A Dance With Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five

In the aftermath of a colossal battle, the future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance—beset by newly emerging threats from every direction. In the east, Daenerys Targaryen, the last scion of House Targaryen, rules with her three dragons as queen of a city built on dust and death. But Daenerys has thousands of enemies, and many have set out to find her. As they gather, one young man embarks upon his own quest for the queen, with an entirely different goal in mind.

Fleeing from Westeros with a price on his head, Tyrion Lannister, too, is making his way to Daenerys. But his newest allies in this quest are not the rag-tag band they seem, and at their heart lies one who could undo Daenerys’s claim to Westeros forever.

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