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Featured AudioBooks

“Kat Doggers: Superspy: Kat Doggers Series, Book 1” by Austin Stack

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Top secret: spy eyes only!

Kat Doggers is more than an ordinary house cat. She’s also a secret agent of FUR, the feline spy team that protects the world from evil genius snails, master criminal fish, and the red dot of doom.

Kat is ready for her first day on the job, but instead of an easy assignment, she accidentally ends up on a super-important special mission with two of FUR’s best agents. When the mission goes terribly wrong and her team gets captured, will Kat be able to save the day all on her own?

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“How to Find Growth Beyond Your Personal Brand : The strategies to help you move beyond your personal brand” by Mohit Rajhans

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If you’ve spent a lot of your career and focusing on your personal brand it’s time to start thinking about how to future proof your work. While digital platforms come and go, so do opportunities to create, build, and nurture your customer and audiences, but we can’t rely on them.

The idea of growth branding helps you to start to consider how to turn the value of your personal brand into something you can actually benefit from. The book comes with an audit for you to do that will help you organize your path to growth and success factors. Likes, connections, comments, and shares are good, but NOT the solution to building something sustainable. You have dreams, ambition, and goal, it’s time to find the path to growth that is right for you.

Through my experience over the last 15 years in media and communications, I’ve seen influencers come and go as quickly as I’ve seen corporate achievers underperform, and they often have the same hurdles. As a bonus, in this book you will also find the idea of how creating a “blueprint” of your contacts can help you market yourself better and more efficiently. Don’t have time to figure it out? Do the growth audit online at to help you pivot and find real opportunities for growth in business and personal branding.

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“The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers” by Dennis Macy

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Are you curious about the afterlife? Dennis Macy has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the heavenly realm. Become inspired as Macy takes you into the angelic realm with his visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to him. The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening. Engulf yourself into The Angelic Realm for a peaceful mystifying read. It will provide comfort, hope and inspiration!

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“All His Works: On the Eighth Day” by Ainny Klover

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All His Works: On the Eighth Day by Ainny Klover, is an original and stylish audiobook that uniquely merges a suspense-filled crime story with a soulful soundtrack, all written by Ainny.

Alex Bryn, a retired successful musician, is now a small-time music critic, who receives an unexpected call from a police inspector investigating the ominous death of his former flame. Shaken, Alex finds himself in a jazz bar watching an impossible out-of-time show performed by Ciara, his dead ex-lover. Did the performance really take place or was it a figment of Alex’s imagination?

With outstanding effect, All His Works: On the Eighth Day has a thrilling storyline and a creative theatrical backdrop that will keep listeners tuned in until the dramatic end note.

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Hong on the Range” by William F. Wu

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In this science fiction satire of westerns, after the American West was destroyed in a series of biological disasters, rebuilding it is a lot like building it in the first place, but there are crucial differences. For example, new, partly mechanical cattle with computer brains are called steerites. They speak and sing a lot more than the original steers.

Most of the cowboys, outlaws, and lawmen are partly mechanical, too, except for those few humans called control-naturals. That group has to keep all their original equipment, just like the original cowboys. Louie Hong is one of those control-naturals, and life isn’t easy for him. Most folks look down on a man who doesn’t have at least one bionic hand.

Yet Louie Hong is determined to make his way in the new Wild West.

All Hong has to do is explain to the bounty hunters, who are after him for robbing a bank, and the outlaw gang that is after him for stealing the loot, that he hadn’t done any of it.

With a little bit of luck, and the help of Chuck, his steerite companion, Hong hopes to find a home on the range that nobody can take away – not outlaws, not bounty hunters, not cyborgs, not even singing steerites.

In Hong on the Range, William F. Wu has returned to the high-tech Wild West world of his Hugo and Nebula Award finalist short story, “Hong’s Bluff,” and written a rousing, funny science fiction saga complete with cyborg cowboys and outlaws. It is an exciting and witty subgenre of science fiction: The cyber western.

This novel was chosen by the American Library Association, Booklist, and the Library Journal for their recommended and best of the year lists.

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A Reason to Be” by Norman McCombs

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An epic tale beginning in 15th-century Scotland and flowing through time to modern-day New York, A Reason to Be is a tale of loss, hope, and the transcendent power of the love that bind us to one another.

Douglas McCombs is an accomplished engineer and recent widower driven to discover the truth of who he is by studying the people and places he comes from. After losing his wife to a battle with Alzheimer’s, Douglas is left devastated until a chance encounter with a sharp, compassionate librarian named Suzy Hamilton on the steps of the New York Public Library shakes him from the throes of grief.

With Suzy’s help, Douglas takes up genealogy and begins an investigation into his Scottish lineage that takes the listener on a sprawling journey through time and the remarkable lives of Douglas’ ancestors – from legendary highland clan chiefs and American war generals to humble farmers and family men. As he traces his ancestry through the generations, Douglas manages to discover not only the roots he was searching for but also a brand-new reason to be.

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“Second Star: A Neverland Novella” by Bree Moore

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All children, except one, grow up…

Two years after her flight to Neverland, Wendy Darling pretends that Neverland doesn’t exist. She claims that she never knew a boy named Peter Pan. And most devastating of all, she starts to grow up. That is, until Tinkerbell shows up in Wendy’s bedroom, asking her to return to Neverland.

Wendy leaps from her window and follows the stars a second time, only to discover the lost boys are drunken teenagers, the Jolly Roger has a new captain, and Peter Pan wants her to give him the one thing that has the power to destroy Neverland for good: a kiss.

Wendy must decide whether she would rather die with Neverland or come to terms with growing up before the last fairy falls.

Embark on the great adventure again with Peter Pan and Wendy in this epic retold sequel to the classic by James Barrie. For those who enjoyed Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

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“Gruesome Iowa” by Nick Vulich

Murder, Madness, and the Macabre in the Hawkeye State

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Murder, madness, and the macabre in Iowa? You’ve got to be kidding!

When most people think of Iowa, their minds conjure up pigs, cornfields, and crotchety old farmers. But ax murders, mass killings, and ghostly sightings – those atrocities are reserved for big cities like Chicago or LA, not a little burg like Villisca, Iowa – population 2,000.

People refuse to believe that a hundred years ago, every eye in the nation turned to Villisca, Iowa where eight people were butchered in their sleep by a madman using only an ax. Attention quickly turned to the Reverend Lyn Kelley, “a queer, strange, little preacher man”, often accused of window peeping.

The police forced a confession from him.

Kelley said he was walking by the Moore house when a voice commanded him to, “Go in. Slay utterly”. What could he do? He climbed the stairs and slaughtered the children. “Slay utterly. Suffer the little children”.

Back downstairs, he went into the parent’s bedroom. “More work yet. There must be sacrifices of blood”. Again, the ax did its work.

In another downstairs bedroom, he discovered the Stillinger girls, asleep in their beds. “More work still”. The ax resumed its work.

Eight people were dead. The ax was satisfied.

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